Silvia's Learning Log

What lovely playing, I had to run it through several times. Good luck with your health issues, I hope they get sorted out.

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Thanks Tony, it’s very kind of you to check it out. I’m confident the physiotherapy program will help me and after that I hope to keep on the right routines they’ll show me to improve the quality of my days.

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Yet another excellent update SIlvia, I love your little positive comment at the beginning of the video, all of the pieces sounded great and you clearly approved with your smile after each one.

Very nice to read the other updates on your wider learning but a shame to read of your health issues. It sounds like you’ve got good medical support and paths to go down that will hopefully help.

And finally:

This I am looking forward to!! :slight_smile:

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Hi Silvia,
That was very soothing and played :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: … so all those red angry icons are indeed not necessary :sweat_smile: :joy: … good luck with the physiotherapy and keep your spirits up :sunglasses:

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Very interesting post in many aspects.

I truly admire your honesty and self reflection. :+1: :pray:

Just had a listen to Barry Green in this podcast video: The Inner Game of Music

It’s really good and how we express this attitude and self awareness can be very different, but it’s basically the same I have learned over the years.

In the post by Lee doing his first video - I wrote this comment:

“”““There are no mistakes in my world. Here it’s called alternative way of playing :wink: :joy: Be kind to the picking hand and it will be more likely to do what you want it to do. - In my world, I look at my hands and fingers as small kids that have to learn to walk. I will never look angry or disappointed at them, because they stumble or fall over. I try my best to encourage them with care and loving kindness. They have for most of my life fed me and wiped my butt. :wink: :joy: Such way of thinking gives me contentment and joy in life, while yet improving by doing practice. - :notes: We all live in a yellow submarine :notes: “”””"

Sending my very very best thoughts and wishes for you to get well and a continuous lovely and enjoyable guitar journey. :heart: :pray:

PS. Guess I forget to tell you, that you play so soft and lovely on that guitar. I feel and see your admiration and love for the music and instrument very clearly. Such a pleasure to watch and listen to. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Yes, you certainly CAN do it :clap: beautiful playing :blush: wishing you the best and a swift recovery :v:

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Thank you @Chazzo78 for giving it a listen and for your wishes!

Oh they are necessary indeed not to get language flagged :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent: Greetings Rogier :hugs:

Thanks Mark @Notter for your kind comment, it’s so very nice to read your supportive words while I’m actually a bit down with my health, I appreciate them a lot. I am also looking foward to post my first duet with my colleague :heart_eyes::star_struck:


Thanks Kim for your thoughtful feedback…it’s a journey, a wonderful journey of learning and self discovery. Thanks also for the podcast link…your comment on it was very nice to read…do you talk to your fingers as well? I do :joy: so my pinky that once was “little cute beast” is now “good boy” as it has grown up in awareness and strengh :joy::joy::joy: …and again thanks for your appreciation of these little melodies :blush:

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I have to admit, yes, I sometimes talk to my hands and fingers. Not given them names though, but I give them some encouragement and thank them when they do something I didn’t plan and it actually sound pretty cool :joy: :joy: :joy:

It was very hard in the start, but after I changed strings to a sound I luv and got it setup as best as I could, things starting flowing right after. For sure helped a lot with the many years of mind-training I have done. - Also I don’t have a concert coming up in the near future, so I can be content with where I am at, not matter what. I don’t have to be better than I am. - It’s just another experience in life and I enjoy every moment of it. It’s a lovely ride, a wonderful journey.

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Glad to see you back Silvia! Lovely little pieces and guitar tone (makes me again to think about getting classical guitar). Hope your health will start improving soon.

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Thanks Radek, I’m glad you liked the video. You definetely should get a classical guitar…I mean, why not?! You’re focussed on fingerstyle and fingerstyle sounds lovely on nylon strings :blush:

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Your playing is beautiful and soothing as always, Silvia.

I too look forward to the duets, though as I recall your singing is also lovely to listen to (you shared My Way your way and twas a fine way). So in time vocal harmonies and your guitar … what a treat.

Wish your health well

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Thanks David! My colleague’s voice is more mature than mine and she’s like more aware of what her vocal range is…she’s an inspiration for me to understand and explore more…and so much goodness and fun to make music with her and not always all by myself!

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It will be nice to hear you and your colleague perform, but always nice to hear you sing too.

Your update and video were very enjoyable. Except sorry to hear of your medical issues. Sounds like you are on the right track though to improve your health.

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Hello Pamela, thanks for your message, I’m glad you enjoyed my update, I’m determined to update monthly, even if it takes some time I find it really pays off to put down in words all the reflections about my guitar journey. And I love to document my classical guitar learning processes through this short clips.

I posted our first duet on monday, it’s Hallelujah :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My biggest privilege: sharing and learning with the children about the Magic of Music :heart:

A Friday afternoon of really “hard work” :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile: …starting to put together the children’s works of this year “Languages workshops”. The activities have been structured into 10 sessions (about once a month) and eventhough we mainly sitted in a circle strumming our two ukuleles and singing or dancing along with some YouTube videos some work sitting at the tables was necessary to create a super cool final product…more about this in June, when it’ll be finished and I’ll take sometime to document the activities.


First rehearsal for our end of school party that will be in June, 16th… not too bad really for being the first one! I started working on this children 'song about a month ago, I had to traspose the chords and put a capo on the third fret to play along with the original to be able, if we will feel confident with the singing, to move the capo back, as the chorus gets really high for us teachers. Michela and I got a bit crazy to learn to sing in tune the verse right before the chorus…something weird seems to happen there, as the chord progression changes drastically :thinking: Anyway she’s nailing it pretty well at the moment and can lead the children.

Ooops…someone kicked the smartphone which was recording on the floor toward the amp and at a certain point you hear only the guitar :joy:


:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :guitar: :microphone: :headphones: :heart_eyes:
That started wonderfull and will be amazing in no time :partying_face:
Do i need to say more??? Nooooo
Greetings and thanks for sharing allready :sunglasses:


Thanks Rogier, it’s very nice of you to give it a listen :blush::hugs::star_struck: just a few details to fix and we’re almost there! I’m already soo happy I learnt to transition from fingerpicking to strumming in a decent way!


Sounding really good Silvia, you’re going to be great at the school party.
I’m loving your log so far, your enthusiasm is infectious :grin: