Silvia's Learning Log

Ok…it’s time to start my own learning log! I recently checked some of yours and I got inspired!

Here’s my monthly schedule, I don’t practice everything everyday but I’m being consistent on my classical guitar and strumming practice; and at least a 10 minutes on my songbook everyday as well. When I have more spare time or, on the other hand I’m busier than usual, I allow myself to just pick something different to enjoy.

And these are all the materials I need for my practice (I made sure I put enough songs in my songbook) ready to grab and start my practice sessions (usually 2/3 throughout the day) without losing time to look for the pick or the capo or whatever :grin:

I’m proceeding slow and steady on my Method Book, I’m working just on one-note melodies and following what the book prescribes. I’m enjoying it so much and I feel I’m building very useful and nice skills while working on very easy materials. Enjoying the time I spend with my classical guitar…that’s the only goal and it has to be achieved every single day :woman_shrugging::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m currently re-working on my fundamentals using Justin’s new Strumming Foundations Course. The goal this year is to eventually make sense of this messy learning process of mine. When I was a teen my uncaring in-person instructor asked each week which new song I would have liked to learn, worked out the chords and gave me a strumming pattern…you won’t wonder at the disgusted expression on his face at my strumming. This is only to explain how I completely rejected the idea of learning and automate strumming patterns and decided to apply to songs only the patterns that I would be able to feel and work-out by myself…At this stage I also rejected to write those patterns down, as those ups and downs brought back painful memories.

This is a clip recorded back in December 2021 that shows my experimenting and exploring, trying to fulfill the need to reproduce dynamics, working out and applying my own strumming patterns, happily mixing 8th and 16th notes, neglecting the simple fact that I should have worked properly on my 8th notes first! :see_no_evil::zipper_mouth_face:

I love chord melodies and I will be able to work out my own, I already did some easy ones and I was so proud of myself! :sweat_smile:

No planned practice…only playing! With the children of course, that’s my happy place where anything feels quite automated, I don’t have to think of patterns or foot tapping or anything and I never run out of breath while singing…there is something magical about it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m planning to update monthly, probably with short clips too and probably asking for some feedback/advice for my strumming.

That’s all for now!


Great stuff, thanks for sharing. It’s always fascinating to me the many and wonderful ways people travel along the guitar road.


Welcome to the log heap Sylvia, great start. Everyone does them differently. I like that individuality. Looking forward to following along with your adventure.

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Hi Silvia,

How good that you did not look at my LL :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:, that is not as clear and well-arranged as this one, :sunglasses:… well done, and a great start, but I did not expect anything else from a children’s school teacher :blush:


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This is quite interesting. I’m happy that there are few people around who enjoy playing classical guitar and classical pieces. Quite recently started reeducating myself with simple classical arrangement, if possible, please post you classical recordings as well :slight_smile:, would love to hear it.

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Hey Roger…shame on me that I didn’t check it out yet!

But I know how to beg for forgiveness…Husband and I went out for live music recently and I couldn’t resist take this short video thinking “Roger might enjoy some singing along!” :blush::wink::love_you_gesture:

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Hi Silvia,…
No,It is really a collected mess, really something for and from the absolute beginning, and first month and i can`t believe now i did it that way :see_no_evil:… don’t start, go practice guitar, :grin:

Aaa,that is so sweet,… :blush:,…I only can’t open it , but you get a hug for the idea :smiley: :blush:

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I got a notification on my e-mail and I think you might be able to open it from there…I’m quite bad with technology :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Me too as you notice :grimacing: :grin:,…I go for the find :sunglasses:
Oh you got a message … me too , … but I now understand what you are typing and I see that it works well :see_no_evil:,…

And… What…??? WOW and WOW ,…that was a small intime setting,…wow :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Good job on your log, Sylvia. You have a sound approach that will serve you well.

I thought your strumming sounded pretty good in the clip, especially the first portion which provide a perfect accompaniment for the song. The 1/16 bit was also OK, consistent rhythm.

Look forward to updates and more AVOYPs with those chord melodies and the rest.

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Hello, I started last year in January to learn Fur Elise and then in March I learned Brahms’ Lullaby, and I thought I was doing pretty well. I was a bit scared to start a classical guitar journey in my adulthood, I thought it would have been too much demanding. Last summer I finally made up my mind and bought this Method Book, from the site and I’m finding it very enjoyable.
Here the links to the video I posted in the Community

I’ll add the Lullaby later on, as I need to share it from Instagram (I removed it from my smartphone and only have it on my tablet, so that it is less time-consuming!)

@RadekSiechowicz Here’s the link I mentioned, it’s a beginner arrangement from SkyGuitar on YouTube. I thought it could be of your interest.


Thank you for reading Tony, I agree it is indeed fascinating how differently we all approach guitar!

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Thank you! I’m going to find sometime soon to check your log too :blush:

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I knew you’d love this! :sunglasses:
It’s a Cover Band…isn’t he a younger Vasco?! And oh how he sings! :heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes:

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Thank you for your feedback David! I’m planning to share short clips of my progress monthly, this will keep me motivated and focussed…
and full recordings when ready. :blush:


Yes it`s his Son and the same sound :sunglasses:,…and the same look when i “see” him the first time…a few(kuch :roll_eyes:) years back,… :star_struck:

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Thanks for sharing Silvia, you approach is enthusiastic :star::. Classical pieces are such a wonderful journey into music history.

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Hi Silvia, I’m glad you decided to share your journey into classical guitar with us. Your enthusiasm is contagious! It seems you have a nice balance of being organized and just playing for fun. I enjoy your videos, and I especially like your take on Fur Elise! :sunglasses: :heart: :clap:t4:

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Thank you Donna, I appreciate very much your feedback :blush::star_struck: The organised schedule is quite a necessity, for time management during the day, or I wouldn’t be able to be focussed and do all the stuff, the job, the house and life commitments…it’s working well insofar. Also working on single items of practice prevents me from over-doing and get obsessed with my struggles, which is something I seem to be very good at :see_no_evil:

@SILVIA Thanks you for sharing your learning experiences. You have inspired me to dust off my classical guitar, add new strings and add a few classical pieces to my practice routine. You are also making good progress with strumming. I look forward to hearing more of your playing.