Silvia's Learning Log

Sounding pretty good on the guitar there Silvia. How good is it that you get to play guitar while the children and teachers sing.

Wonderful, Sylvia, must be fulfilling to play and sing with the children. Heart warming :heart:

That’s going well Silvia. It must be lovely playing to a young audience who just love to sing along.

@prbushe @jkahn @Helen0609 @TonyHS Thank you all guys for listening, I appreciate it a lot :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I first played at our school parties last year in June and it wasn’t kind of easy emotionally, a lot of work on myself to contrast the tension and it didn’t go bad eventually…finger crossed this year it’ll go even better and I’ll be able to enjoy it more :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I have to admit that the day starts really well when I get to work with my guitar :thinking:…they also pay me for this :grin::joy::wink: The children are very young, most of them are only 3yo, only 11 kids are 5/6yo …so the singing experience is just a joyful being together, in a choir anyone can sing even if out of tune, or only a few words, or only the chorus. Hopefully we’ll be moving the capo back as we teachers kind of feel like cackcling hens in the chorus :joy::chicken::chicken::joy::chicken:

It is indeed :heart: And also very positive for my learning…it’s like we’re learning together, I always learn the songs as best as I can at home, but the magic rarely happens at home, it always happens with them at school! :heart:


Monthly Update

It’ll be one year next month since this wonderful journey started…a lot of thoughts going on in my mind about many things such as the learning method I developed, reading, listening, ear training, memorising, etc…I made up my mind to write all my reflections down in the next update. This past month the eigth notes have been introduced and I managed pretty well I think. In the video the little pieces I’ve worked on.

Preparing for the school party is requiring a lot of commitment and most of my practice has been focused on the two songs we’ll play and sing, I feel ready and confident and hopefully I’ll share the audio. I also did some good practice on a couple of songs both using a pick and without it.

I’ve practiced to get down the chorus without writing it down and got a bit frustrated when I realised that the rhythm of the melody notes seemed, felt wrong…I found sometimes to write down those dots and their lenght value, this is a necessary step I think, it is at least for me; now I need to find sometime to practice it consistently, probably after the school party. While reading The Inner Game of Music I happened to relate a lot to concepts like “overpracticing” and “overtrying”, as my Self 1 “Mr. I know perfectly how to play it” (only the verses, not the the chorus yet) is always on the ball…tyrant little creature! I want to be able to give it the right focus, the focus on the playing not on the practicing, and I need to think that somehow, one day I will allow myself to play it.

To end with…
I’m super excited for the party and can’t wait!! Also I will fingerpick while the older children will recite a little poem and with Michela we’re enjoying a lot preparing it!


WOW, most impressive

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Hi Silvia!

You have come a long way in just one year. You’ll be celebrating next month. :partying_face:

I think you are being too hard on yourself with Wind Of Change. You obviously love the song and you want to play it well. Of course you do. But it will take time.
I suspect that you can hear in your mind what you want it to sound like. As your guitar skills grow, what you play and what you hear in your mind will begin to match. Allow time to grow and one day it will just flow from your guitar.

Enjoy your party with the kids. :notes:

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Sylvia, as always, it was a pleasure to read your latest entry into your log. Did I hear a tiny little bit of dissatisfaction with your Wind of Change project? You don’t have to be frustrated, you have reached so much within this last year! You can be very proud of the achieved results!
I wish you a lot of fun at the school party. Keep us informed, how it was. Having teachers like you must be very cool for the kids, I wished we had those when I was a kid. At my time, they tortured us with theory and didn’t bring us closer to the joy of music.

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Wonderful pieces, thanks for sharing Silvia. I really enjoy the fact that you are interested in classical and traditional music :slight_smile:.

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Ciao Silvia, you’re doing great :smiley:.
So many new pieces in your repertoire :slightly_smiling_face:.
And yes, some tunes need so much practice before we feel they sound good. Being a perfectionist is not always helpful…

I wish you all the best for your school party. I’m sure, it’ll be great fun (despite all the work in advance) :partying_face:.

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Really enjoyed listening to the new pieces :slightly_smiling_face: you’re progressing really well :clap: hope you have a blast with the party :v:

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Hi Silvia,
You’re doing great, I wouldn’t be disappointed in any small point…could you have imagined a year ago what you’re planning for the party,and what your problems are now from a musical point of view???nooo… . :sunglasses: :smiley:
Have fun and embrace your little setbacks, they go away “by themselves” the way you are doing/practising… :clap: :sunglasses:


Oh…is it really? :blush: Insofar it’s been only single notes melodies to work on the fundamentals…two voices pieces starting from…today :see_no_evil::crossed_fingers: :blush: Thank you @Uninvitedguest, it’s very kind of you to give it a listen and comment :blush:

I think you’re right David, but I suspect I also need to grow with it! :hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass::hourglass_flowing_sand:

You’re very kind Andrea, I’m so glad you enjoy my updates :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sometimes I get a bit discouraged because I probably want to bite more than I can chew…but I can’t give up Classical or Strumming nor my chord melody arrangement, I just need to accept that progress will be slowier…there are days where I don’t even start practicing it and I think it’s better when my attitude is not positive.

Thank you Radek, I’m following the path that is outlined in the book where there’s a gradual increase of difficulty. I find these little melodies really lovely, especially the Slovenian one is like a little gem: it’s very short and mixes 4/4 and 3/4 and it pleases so much my ear that I play it a countless times in a row :notes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::notes:

I agree with you Nicole, I was thinking that I have to take it as an habit to ask myself “Am I playing or practicing?” and while aiming to perfection while practicing is correct, while playing I just should allow myself to enjoy, accept the mistakes and keep going…focussed and relaxed at the same time …that’s easier said than done!

Thank you Lee, this was great to read and very heart warming, as they are only single notes melodies insofar.

One year ago Rogier! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I was all nerves for the party because it was the first time for me playing in front of people…and…to add to that the children asked to do You’ve got a friend in me, which we were singing a lot (along with the original) as our welcome to three little treasures from Ukraine…when I said it was too difficult and I couldn’t do it a smart young lady told me the exact words I usually tell them…but teacher, how can you say if you don’t even try?! :see_no_evil::joy: Touchè! So I tried hard because, you know, I wanted to be a good example :innocent:…and it was all worth it :sweat_smile:
Thanks for reminding me :blush:


@roger_holland @Chazzo78 @Uninvitedguest @Helen0609 @NicoleKKB @RadekSiechowicz @BurnsRhythm I need to add my heartfelt thank you to all of you, just in case I forgot to write it in the individual replies: you’re all always very supportive and reading your comments brings smiles on my face :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You will grow with it Silvia, that’s my point! :sunglasses:

The wind of change blows straight into the face of time

Like a storm wind that will ring the freedom bell for peace of mind

Let your balalaika sing what my guitar wants to say

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wow I really admire your discipline and grind! You sound great (vocals and guitar) :slight_smile:

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And to follow that…the epic electric guitar solo…


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Congratulations in advance. It’s been a real privilege being able to follow your progress throughout that year and look forward to following your progress in your second year.

Your making great progress both using the pick and without a pick. That will help you with learning hybrid picking which for some reason I think you will enjoy.

That to me is a big positive in your learning journey as you have developed that ability to tell when something isn’t quite right and work on getting it spot on.

Think of it this way… you are really programming that code in your long term memory… once that’s done you will be able to play it when ever you want without having to look back at any notes you’ve made.

Enjoy… and make sure you get that moment recorded to treasure it forever.

Now you have to get an electric as a reward for all that you have achieved, which is quite a lot, in your first year.

Well done Silvia.

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Hello James, thanks for your thoughtful reply, it’s very much appreciated :blush:
I’m super busy and happy with all the preparations for the party at the moment, so much going on :grin::sweat_smile::star_struck:

I think I’ll enjoy it more this time…last year I was quite tense because it was my first time in front of so much people, but I’m very happy it was recorded as there’s a very special vibe at the end of that song that will keep me motivated forever! I’ll share it, probably next week and @you because it’s very special and it’ll make you smile!

I’m actually going to buy a new guitar :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face: but…:shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

Thanks for your words of support on my Wind of Change project, I’m quite happy of how the chorus is coming along at the moment …and I’m very proud to say I’m using the C Major Scale to link two chords :nerd_face: After the party I’ll have more time for it and can’t wait!


Hey Silvia. I’m looking forward to hearing the audio of your children’s program. So happy for your progress over the last year. You are doing so well.

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