Simple Spanish Melody

Short simple Spanish like tune. I’m playing this as an exercise but it is a small nice melody on its own, I think.


@RadekSiechowicz Very nice, I like Marco Cirillo’s channel, he presents some really nice melodic ideas.

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Radoslaw this is a gem.

You look and sound more relaxed and this translates to a more emotional experience for me. In previous recordings I could feel, see and hear tension in the way you were contacting the strings some of the time. I could admire and appreciate the recordings, but I wasn’t affected emotionally. I wonder if you were enjoying playing this one?

Respect from me :pray:

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Thank you kindly Darell. I totally agree, Marco’s channel is a great source of materials to learn when it comes to fingerstyle and melodies in general.

Thank you Batwoman :blush:

Yes, you are right, this is more relaxed then previous two recordings. Novelty and stress are contributing factors, different place too. This is not where I practice, lights are not the same and it makes a big difference. I’m getting used to it but it is still a long way to go. I usually play this little piece without looking at fretboard but lights, different position and creaking noise :sweat_smile: from the sofa are challenging. But I learn as I go, so hopefully in time everything will improve.

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Hi Radek, sounded great!

One small suggestion I seem to make really often is to have a close look at your picking hand. Try to angle it further so that your thumb is infront of your other fingers - that way you will be picking strings more vertically as opposed to diagonally resulting in much less string noise.

Pretty sure Marco discusses this in one of his ‘beginner fingerstyle tips’ videos but I’m afraid I don’t have the link anymore.

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With your mindset Radek, I have no doubt that you’ll continue to improve and to reach the goals you’ve set yourself, then of course there will be more beyond that. :drooling_face: :face_with_head_bandage:

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Thanks Ivan. You are right, I remember the basics, thumb ahead of the fingers and fingers at 45 degrees angle. I thought I was doing just that but when I look at it is not the case :sweat_smile:.

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No problem! I had the exact same issue. This is why it’s such a great idea to record yourself and share with others, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you play some more! Maybe join us at the next OM if you have time? :slight_smile:


Radek that was wonderful and as Maggie said very relaxed. You are very inspiring with you recent posts. I’ve just gone back to learning Fingerstyle as I moved on to other things after completing Justin’s Beginner and Intermediate courses. So I never really got passed the basic or gave it much attention. That’s changed for next, year so I will check out Mr Cirillo. I am keeping my options open while I go through Justin’s Fingerstyle course and have already been watching Justin Johnson but have an open mind on genres. Thanks for sharing.



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Thank you for the invite, I think I should try sometime :sweat_smile:.

Thank you most kindly.
I was waiting for Justin’s fingerstyle course when it was announced early this year. Is it released? I can only find fold fingerstyle patterns or I’m not looking right.

Right now I’m trying to learn general techniques from intermediate course but I always keep drifting into fingerstyle songs and artists.

That was really great Radek. Super playing.
I like that style of fingerstyle which is not based on patterns.

I’m also using Justin’s fingerstyle lessons but I’m still trying to get the patterns on autopilot.

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I am not sure if been rewritten but the first couple of lessons cover the 8 basic patterns, which I did years ago, from the old BC or IM as I still had the pdfs. It’s that long ago I can’t remember which either. But I needed to start again. :sunglasses:

Thank you Gordon. From my experience there is a lot of songs that can be played without a specific pattern, perhaps it is related to music genre. Most songs I’m practicing now are either movie themes or acoustic versions of K-pop songs, perhaps something interesting there?

I definitely need to check it out, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Yeah, I suspect it’s related to genre and to arrangements. Many folk fingerstyle songs are mainly accompaniment (on guitar), and they tend to use a lot of repeating patterns. Solo arrangements (where you’re playing the melody and the accompaniment) are less likely to abide by repeating patterns. Songs from classical guitar traditions (including movie scores, theme, etc) are also less likely to rely on repeating fingerpicking patterns throughout the entire piece.

All that is very general, of course. Certainly not universal truths or anything.


Radex - thanks to your post I have found Marco’s 7=day starter sessions and loving it. How beautiful to practice a pattern and make a sweet melody at the same time (well sort of after an hour !) and that’s just the first one. I am certainly going to following in him conjunction with Justin’s module. :sunglasses:

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Glad I accidentally helped you to kick off your fingerstyle :). There is plenty of useful stuff on Marco’s channel and page if you find your way around it.

I love how well Justin’s lessons are organised, almost everything else in the web is hard to use and navigate.


I came here after 17 years of chaos and found structure and a clearly defined path. I progressed more in my first 6 months here than I did in nearly 2 decades. I do not think anyone comes close to this on the web. There maybe be specialist Like Marco but for an overall package and at levels, Justin covers it all.

As to the Fingerstyle kick start ? That was born a few weeks back. At the last JGC Open Mic I did Seether’s Broken. But as I can only sing against simplified chord progressions I took a big step away form learning the original fingerstyle version and kept it to just chords. But that song and the Amy Lee (of Evanescence) version is so good, it gave me a big incentive to go back and apply what I learnt in the old Intermediate course years ago.

That was the spark. Listening to your recordings here and the old forum just reaffirm my need to revisit. I grew up in an era where the likes of Manitas de Plata got serious air time. So listening to you performing Marco’s exercises was like a piece of magic that reaffirmed where I needed to go!

Here’s that Seether original and ok after some delightful picking it goes to a different place and I have feet firmly in both worlds. To amalgamate the two would be a life’s goal.

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