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Hi everyone. I’m Sheila and this is my first post. I’ve had this guitar for thirty-something years, but never learned to play. Recently retired - what better time, eh?
I’m so happy I found the Justin Guitar website and app to get me going. Which I did (get going) on Groundhog Day and I’ve completed Module 8 (as of 7/4/23.) Kinda been reviewing for a few weeks now. (I might be dragging my feet because I know the F chord is next.)
Then, I discovered this community on the website! Hubby suggested I make a recording now, so I’ll be able to watch my progress. Well, it’s done and it ain’t pretty! But so revealing. I mean, I really thought my strumming hand was dead steady until I watched this! Anyway, gulp, here it is. (Meghan Trainer’s “Lips Are Movin’”) Did my best to follow the song app - I haven’t committed a song to memory yet.
Really enjoying the community posts and watching videos from you all!
P.S. Please bear with me while I also learn how to make & post videos.
Lips Are Movin_070423


Hi Sheila,
Your first post :smiley: (The system once again does not report that … no idea what goes wrong there)
And your first video that is definitely a big thing :sunglasses: :partying_face: :clap:

And despite the not so good sound (that doesn’t matter and it’s part of it in the beginning) I see a lot of good things, keep on going :sunglasses:, share your progress and watch and listen to Justin and the lovely people here,
Greetings Rogier

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Hi Roger,
Thanks for the welcome! I think this community will add some dimension and interest to my, thus far, solo journey. And yes, lovely people on here!

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Welcome to the forum Sheila.
You’ve got really good rhythm for a beginner, tapping your foot and getting into the groove this early in your journey is a good thing. Over all I think you did quite well :beers:

Watching videos of yourself playing is a really good why to pick up on these little thing we other wise miss. Very important teaching tool.

Don’t let the F chord scare you or slow you progress. It’s one of those chords that does take some time to learn but now that you’ve joined the forum there are plenty of people to help you figure it out. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Hello :wave:t2: Shiela!

Well done! Especially considering the number of months that you’ve been playing! I agree with the comments above :point_up_2:t2: that you have a good groove going & want to add that your chord changes are going well! It looks like you’re doing “air changes” for the most part & have a pretty good feel for timing. IMHO, the best way to incorporate playing in time is to use the dreaded… … METRONOME in conjunction with video of yourself playing… the metronome will never lie to you about your timing & the video REVEALS ALL!!! :crazy_face: Strumming arm was moving pretty well with a bit of hesitation when you changed to the G chord…
Overall, I think you’re doing great for Module 8!!!
If you want to, there’s a couple of other threads for Introducing yourself & there’s one for “Old Dogs” who CAN learn new tricks!!!
Have fun with the Journey!!!


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Thanks for the comments! I love a challenge. F chord, here I come!

Thanks for the comments and thread suggestions! Still working on smooth air changes and I now own a metronome!

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Welcome and congratulations on your first video.

Good to be able to look at yourself and assess progress.

Lots of good things about your playing as others more qualified than myself have mentioned.

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Welcome to the Community, Sheila, and congrats on posting and sharing the first video.

I’ve nothing to add to the other comments on your playing.

As for the video production and sharing, all good the way you did it. In future, when ready, you may also want to share your recordings in Audio-Video Of You Playing

Keep doing what you are doing!

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