Slow 12 bar blues

This original song is based on the licks Justin covers in the blues guitar course. All recorded in my DAW with MIDI instruments except for the ‘live’ crowd samples.

If anyone wants the backing track without the guitar part, I’m happy to share in the spirit of the community. Just shout…


The Planets - Saturn

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Great stuff Steve :ok_hand: sweet

That was some great playing Steve. I thought the live audience in there sounded pretty cool as well.

I love it Steve ! Which blues course are you referring to ? The one in grade 2 or another one ?


Hi Mathieu

Actually, it’s the Essential Blues Lead Guitar course in Grade 4. Fantastic course which I’d really recommend.



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Well played, Steve. You are doing well playing the licks and dialed up a sweet bluesy tone for the recording. Lots of breathing space.

All I would suggest for your next recording would be to lift the keyboard backing that I was hearing in my lift ear a little louder. Perhaps bring both guitar and keys a little closer to centre rather than being hard-panned right an left. That is just a reflection of my own taste and preferences, not a comment you should take as a suggestion that you did something ‘wrong’.

I am curious, recognising some of the licks from that Blues Lead course, how far you have progressed in terms of learning licks from different positions?

Once again, bravo, and keep playing the blues!

Good stuff Steve, I recognised some of those licks. You really had the bloozy feel going on and that was a fun idea to add the ‘live’ crowd. :smiley:
It perhaps needed a change of position somewhere to stop it being too repetitive.
Well done.

Thanks David,

You are quite right, I did deliberately dial down the Hammond organ level, mainly as I’m not a great keyboard player and so stuck to simple chord changes. I think playing the Hammond is a specific skill that I’ll have to research.

I tried all the licks in positions 1-5 (grade 4 and 6) but tried to limit myself to a couple of positions to avoid over complicating things. I actually posted to ask advice about switching position and the consensus seemed to stick with one or two only.

Thanks for the positive feedback

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Sure you are right about the organ, Steve. That said, given that this is primarily about lead play and licks then I think simple chords would serve the song.

I forget the conversation about positions, assuming I actually saw it. My sense would be to get licks from one position at a time under the fingers and be able to use them musically as you did. Once you are able to play licks from all positions I think working on the ways to transition between positions and using the entire range of the fretboard is a good idea.

Thanks Sairfingers. Glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, choosing if and when to change position was something I wasn’t sure about and in fact I posted a question about it:

If you have any thoughts to add to that post I’d love to hear them!

Thanks again

That sounded great Steve. It had a very nice groove to it.