Small desktop amp for acoustic guitar?

I dont know the first thing about this subject. But i have seen that there is quite a few small and quite cheap amps for acoustic guitar.
Does anyone have any opinion on using a small a acoustic amp when playing and practise? Does it make things more fun/ interresting? Or is it just a waste of money and can be forgotten about?

Too me it looks like a lot of fun with an amp and some effects. But as i said. Never tried one. So i dont really have a idea.


The problem is that with a small cheap desktop amp it’s very likely that your guitar is at least going to be as loud, but to an extent you could solve that problem by stuffing your guitar with something like a sheet or blanket which would mean that you would have to take the strings off to put it in and again to take it out if you want to play it without the amp.

For me, I went for mic and mixer

There is reverb and delay on there, useful for recording, and plugging in headphones for listening and singing along.

Just my thoughts….

Hmm… that sounds way to advanced for me :rofl:
Good suggestion though.

you can do the some on your computer with software like guitar rig way cheaper
with way more toy to play with. Using headphones or speakers. You also get better sound.


I’m using Bias FX2 on a pc with the rocksmith cable, works pretty well

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I’m using for the acoustic. To me it’s a decent little acoustic amp.

Ok. Looks nice and very handy. I have been thinking about the yamaha Yamaha THR5A or something similar.

I have not decided on anything yet. Wanted to hear others opinion if its even worth the money with the amp. I might have to go into a shop and try one out.

Hej Trond,

I’m going to do you a big favour and save you from a lot of debating and soul-searching.

When I stumble across a heavily tatted dude with a beard that wouldn’t be out of place in a ZZ-Top line-up, playing REM and Eddie Vedder and sharing the latest Madrugada album, and he happens to mention “it looks like a lot of fun with an amp and some effects”-
Well, Mr. Moth, you might as well head straight into that light.
It will be ecstasy or hell, but we all know it is inevitable.
Guy’s goin’ electric! :sunglasses:
Yes, like Mr. Zimmerman, you should buy yourself an electric guitar too, something like a Yamaha Pacifica (or HB Fusion 3 like I did recently)
There are others here who are better placed to advise you on ideal armaments for the upcoming battles, but I would recommend avoiding the very cheap.
I have a THR desk amp and yes, it does more than I can understand, and I love it. (If you can afford it the wireless model gives a lot of flexibility.)
You will probably keep them and have fun, and if they are really not for you, you can still sell them on and will be richer for the experience.
There you go.
You’re welcome :smiley:
Mvh etc.

Hahahahahaha!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am sold @brianlarsen i think i will go down that road and get an amp. You convinced me :rofl:

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I’ve been having a lot of fun plugging my acoustic into an old Roland MicroCube amp, leftover from a previous unsuccessful attempt to learn electric.

Can get surprisingly good electric crunch when practicing power chords, and will tide me over until I decide to dive back into electrics again.

And adding reverb, delay, chorus, etc to acoustic tones can really fill out your sound too.

Yep. Im pretty sure i would like an amp a lot.
But is it possible to use an regular amp designed for el. guitar with a acoustic guitar??

If so. Why bother buy one for acoustic guitar? Would be better to buy one you can use for both electrical and acoustic in case i choose to go for an el. Guitar further down the road.

Good call Tron.

I only use my amp for my electrics and then that connect to the PC for recording via my Audio Interface. If I want to record my acoustics the one with the onboard pre-amp gets plugged into the AI and the standard one gets a mic stuffed in front of it.

If I played my acoustics via the amp to the point the amp was louder, either the windows would get blown out or my missus would show me the door.

Go amp, go electric.


This is a bit too technical for me @TheMadman_tobyjenner :rofl:

So if i buy an amp that is designed for electrical guitar, i could also use my acoustic on the same amp?

If so, there is a nobrainer. Then i would buy an amp designed for electrical guitars and plug my acoustic in it. I will most likely get a electrical guitar at some point anyway.

Not Toby, but the answer is yes, you should be able to plug any acoustic equipped with a pickup and a preamp into an electric guitar amp, and it will work. (We are all assuming your acoustic has a pickup…if not, a mic is your only option).

I strongly suggest you take your guitar down to a music shop, and try some amps. You’ll know in a few minutes if it is worth pursuing.

But I expect you’re going to love it!


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A couple of other points:

  1. Expect a LOT of feedback at first. You’ll need to learn how to mute strings…which is essential for electric playing anyway.

  2. I’d suggest a simple practice amp with built in digital effects. Something that has knobs for all the functions. Anything more complex could be really frustrating while you are learning.

  3. Ask about used gear…music stores often have trade-ins at good prices.


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Thanks @Tbushell

Then the next stupid question comes to mind :grin:
Why do acoustic amps exist? Yes. Both my acoustics has preamps installed. So no worries there.
Yes. I guess i head down to a store and just try some out.

I get it… internet searches does wonders sometime. As i understood it. Yes. You can easily use an electrical guitar amp on an acoustic guitar. But it will not sound as nice as an acoustic amp.

I think im going to aim for a easy to use acoustic desktop amp, its acoustic guitar i play after all :grin:

Thanks for all the advices :+1:

i’d encourage you to do that. My first acoustic amp was a significant disappointment. To the degree that I didn’t use it. Then I visited a friend with a better quality (much better) and was blown away at how good it sounded.

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First thing I think of:
A mobile cube for desktop or “everywhere” use or a street cube for busking
It has a decent delay or reverb and its tone control does alot for you.