Small desktop amp for acoustic guitar?

Yep. Something along those lines i was thinking about as well. Yamaha has some that looks pretty neat.

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The main difference between electric guitar amps and acoustic guitar amps is how they colour the sound.

But an electric guitar amp will still work fine with an acoustic guitar.

Some desktop guitar amps, like the Yamaha THR series, have settings for Acoustic guitars as well as for electric.



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I just bought a portable Blackstar fly3 for use with both my semi acoustic and electric guitar and it is fantastic!! I wouldn’t need anything bigger and love that it runs on batteries too.

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@tRONd - did you settle on acoustic desktop amp? I’m curious 18 months on whether you’re happy with which ever route you went. I’m looking at similar options that would support two channels for an electro-acoustic guitar and a microphone. It would be ideal to also be able to hard wire to my Mac and have bluetooth connection to my mobile. (So far I’ve been digging out old threads to see who else has gone down a similar path!)

Hi @Sound_Bound

Yep. I did settle down with an amp… i went for the Yamaha THR30II
I am super happy with it, its not an acoustic amp, but it has an acoustic channel on it so you can amp up your acoustic and get some effects out of it.
For an electrical it has almost endless settings and possibilitys…

That said… i never use it :rofl:

But my daughter use it everyday, and she knows it quite well by now. She can get some cool sounds and loud volumes out of it.
It is only used on electrical guitars these days, it also serves as her «stereo system» in her room.

The drawback on it is that there is not an output for a mic on it. Other than that it can be used to pretty much everything…. And it does not look too bad either.
I think there is a lot of «bang for the bucks» for this one, you can get in black as well. I would have chosen black if it was an option back then, but it was only in the beige version.

@brianlarsen has the same amp, and i am sure he knows more details avout it than i can give you. Pretty sure he can back me up in what i have said about it, dont think he has any complaints about it either…

I did do some kind of review on it some time ago as well. Should be in the link below.


The THR amps are great!
I have a THR5A which is their microphone modeling amp for acoustic and I use it with an SLG200s which is one of Yamaha’s Silent Guitar offerings.

For me I would rarely use an amp with an acoustic at home.

Perhaps occasionally if I want the acoustic vibe but with reverb or something.