Another of my songs: thinking of solstice made me consider life’s strange balance; night / day, old-age / youth, hope / hopelessness. I hope it makes you think and you enjoy it.



Hi Brian,
Solstice ?..Oh I missed it :scream:…just kidding :smile:

Great amazing song sound singing :clap: :clap::sunglasses: :clap:


Very Good Brian! Most enjoyable to listen to.
As for thinking.
I think I like your choices of chord changes. Very cool!.
I think I like where you go from minor to major. If that is in fact what I’m hearing (if not, what are them cool changes?). + you sing good.
And again, yep, I did enjoy it.
Great song man!
Great mix and tone too.

Thanks for sharing that.

Enjoyable song, Brian. I might have been inclined to raise the level of the vocal and drums a bit, or maybe better drop the guitar levels a wee bit in the left and right channels?

Well done.

roger_holland Rogier , happycat Jim , davidp David

Thank you each and all for listening and for the encouraging comments.


Hi Brian ,
I’m curious what you did with Tagging our names, but that tag doesn’t work, but if you click on it you will get to everyone’s AVOYP :smile:

@beejay56 it still works :sweat_smile: luckily Richard didn’t break things trying to figure out group tags :laughing: :sweat_smile:

But what you did ??? interesting, yes :smiley:


WOW :exclamation: This is great :exclamation:Great singing (and in tune). Great playing. Harmonies are great. The mix is super. I’m flabergasted. Great job my friend. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

@BigLuc Luc

Thank you for the listen and the like.


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If I’m picky, the transition at 0:18 was kinda off, it also threw me off a bit. But I’m not a professional, it’s just a feeling. The next time you did it at 1:08 was much better handled. (Also at 2:50) I’m not sure what this is or if there is a technical term for it. But I guess this kind of “voice-step” is very difficult.
Overall another big one! Your voice is mesmerizing and very pleasing to listen too.
Love the lyrics, definitely moving. This is full of power.


The transition is a change of key and I probably didn’t hit the note spot-on. And yes, that same shift is repeated in the following verses. It’s a musical bridge between verse and chorus which I almost fall off! Thanks for the listen and the comments.


That’s a terrific song Brian. Great composition and performance!

There’s something I like lyrically about songs about the seasons (Strawbs “Autumn” comes to mind).

Hi Brian,

I thoroughly enjoyed your original. :smiley:

It has a really moody vibe going on and puts me as a listener in kind of a setting, I can hardly describe. A little mysterious and ambient, maybe? I can’t even find the right german words for it ( :rofl:), but I really like the feel of the tune. Further, it’s definitely not an easy one with the key changes in it, I like this little twist along with a few cool and unexpected chord changes. I couldn’t even focus on the lyrics on the first listen, as I was so much caught up by the music itself! :smiley: That was very well done! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the positive comments. Really encouraging feedback.



Thanks for your appreciation of my song.


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I should’ve known that…and i love it. My comment might not have represent it but it’s a really cool effect and sound…it’s so good!

Now I can’t even make it out anymore. It sounds totally fine to me now. I’m so curious why. Did my ears play tricks on me or did I just get used to it? I wish we could solve this somehow. :smile:

“The seasons will change and so then the sky, the hopes of a child will ashen and die.”

Yeah, you can pretty much say that. :sweat_smile: This is my favourite line, cause it’s fricking true. I’m not sure if the words are correct though, could also be “sty” but hard to make sense of that, so I hereby request the lyrics. @beejay56

Edit: Sorry for spamming this post, just say a word and I stop. But I actually have so many more comments on this holding back! :smile:


Here are the lyrics.

Solstice c. beejay56

The sun’s on the set. The moon’s on the rise.

Yesterday’s goodbye is red in the skies.

The tide in it’s turn discovers the sand.

Soft breezes stroke both the ocean and land.

I wish I could understand

days slipping away,

times running out,

lives going grey.

Tomorrow will take all the stars

and all it may bring are towers and scars.

The night is grown dark and the moon’s risen high.

The wind is so strong there are tears in my eyes.

I am alone, all I have with me

is the light from my fire and the shadows of trees

dancing on the breeze,

folding down on the ground,

autumn burns through,

leaves all turn brown.

Winter will creep in so cold,

stealing all colours. Dreams die and fold.

The seasons will change and so then must I.

The hopes of a child will ashen and die,

and fall from my memory the pages of youth,

borne on the years as the seeds of the truth.

Why must we change

so much so soon?

Innocence fades

as each waning moon.

Guilt will grow with the years,

then at the end, the child reappears.

Try to stay always as a wonderful child,

lest all that surrounds you by age is defiled.

Keep all your secrets, your magical past:

it’s all that you have that will last

One of my more Leonard Cohen moments perhaps!?


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“So then must I” Yep, now I hear it and it’s even better! Thank you!

It’s not a part of the song, I realized this right when I read it. Is it question adressed to me? I’m not familiar with Leonard Cohen other than that I heard of him. I think I know one song but checking his songlist I couldn’t point the finger on it. Are you inspired by him. Is the song inspired by him? Are you Leonard Cohen?
My parents are from Hungary and we are the inventors of melancholy. I mean a whole scale is named after us! And it’s gritty.

Often when I read the lyrics to a song, it destroys the song for me. This wasn’t the case here. It actually made it better! If you came up with this yourself, kudos to you, this is poetry. It’s so good.

Regarding to that, 2 points: You’re not particular hard to understand, but you see by my mistake that it could suppose a slight challenge for non native speakers. And second, If you play the song and scroll down to your lyrics, the song will stop before you get to the lyrics. :smile:
I just opened another tab, but wanted you to know.

I refrain from posting again today but I’ll come back. That’s a thr…I mean a promise. I really love all your songs, I hope you post more.

Have a nice evening, Allaxx