Song book

Back in grade I module 5 Justin suggests making a song book of word and chords of songs to practice and play.
That sound like a good idea but where can you find song lyrics with chords that you can print out? Or is Justin suggesting we type the sheets for our selves?

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Just google there are lots of websites. Probably the most popular is Ultimate Guitar Tabs…which despite it’s name has most songs with chords and lyrics. Just dont bank on them ALWAYS being 100% correct (although most are and the comments against each song will tend to flag issues if people have spotted them).

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A good reason for using UG is that they actually have licensing agreements with all the music publishers, so the original artists (not the people who submit their transcriptions) get paid for the use of their music.


Hey Ian @theoldman66, this never occurred to me! Thanks for pointing it out.

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Have a look here Mike. It might give you some ideas.

Recommendations for Software to Create a Song Book

As has been said above use Ultimate Guitar to get the lyrics and chords. Then import the file into Songbook pro. You can edit the lyrics and chords in Songbook pro if as is sometimes the case they aren’t correct. I’ve got a lot of the JustinGuitar songbooks and use them to check the chords.

I’m not remotely IT savvy and I can do it!

I use SongBookPro for this and import tab via text files. Works OK for me.