Songs For Module 10

Here are song recommendation for Module 10. The focus here is working on the Weak G Finger and A mini barre!

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The 100 song list no longer works.

Hi @lku which song list do you mean?
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Justin’s guitar model?

New Music PLAYLISTS | Topsify - Music. Artists. Playlists. mentioned in the text under the video.

Looks like the link Justin used to an external site is now just a general link of no use so I have deleted it from the lesson content.
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Mad World is a great tune for both ‘weak finger’ G and mini-barre A!

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? by CCR is a great song for this module. There’s an F/C in the intro which uses the Mini F shape, and the chorus is a good opportunity to practice changes from Barre F to weak finger G. It’s also pretty cool to be able to look at the C | C/B | Am | Am/G | F sequence and see that the bass notes descend along the C Major Scale.

What’s up - 4 non blondes is great for weak finger G since it’s a C to G change and weak finger G excels in those changes.

Hi Justin

All Along The Watchtower by JImi Hendrix not from Bob Dylan…

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It was written by Bob Dylan off his John Wesley Harding LP. Of course it was made famous by Jimi Hendrix.

Just saying.

A good song for practicing changes involving the F chord is Fisherman’s Blues by the Waterboys.
It’s G F Am C throughout.
It’s also good for having a go at various G chords including barre and weak finger G.
Hope this helps.

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I’d never heard this song before. Glad you suggested it. Really cool

California Dreaming is also a great song for this module because it uses mini F and strumming push as well.

New Shoes by Paolo Nutini is a good one for this module, you can do the weak G and the A mini barre! Also has a few Es, Cs and Ds which is good revision and keeps it varied :blush:

@curly1962 I’d also never heard that song before thanks. Coincidentally when I listened to it the next song that auto-played for me was Getting away with it (All messed up) by James, which when I looked into it has a continuous Am C G D sequence (with a capo) throughout, or Dm F C G without capo. That probably makes it another good candidate for the weak G and F exercises.

I use it for loads of songs. Just a heads up, they curse early in the video (1 bad word) - so be aware if you’re playing it around children!

Your attention to details Justin is astonishing.

By far the best online guitar tuition is yours on the internet.


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Justin, now that you’re able to provide lessons on Bob Dylan songs, please do one for All Along the Watchtower. By far the best song on your list!

Wild World by Cat Stevens has a descending C scale in the chorus - a fun way to get more agile with it.