Songs For Module 2

Learn loads of songs using only the A, D, and E chords!

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In this video you said to leave a comment if “hey man, you aren’t catering to my musical taste at all!”. Alrighty then! How about some simple Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia? But do you even read these comments? Not much going on here.

that is a great idea @rbmunkin, so long as its simple and Justin can do it. Although I suspect that it wont be high on the list as there are probably more “popular” songs for him to do.

Hi @rbmunkin and welcome to the community.
It may seem quiet over here - because this all new community started from a wholly clean slate with all previous comments (on the Disqus platform) removed less than one month ago.

Also, re: your request (and Justin’s comment).
He filmed that video before he set up one of the new functionalisties on the website.
For all song requests go to this page and make a request - or search to see if it has already been made and vote for it. All Songs |

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I was listening to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and it sounded like this song also only uses a few chords. I looked up tabs on a a website and it also said it was only A-E-D-A. Is this correct? If so, I think that’s a really cool and popular song to add.

(It’s my first goal on my musician journey to be able to play that song on the guitar and sing at the same time. Maybe a bit too ambitious as I am also just starting singing lessons but I am excited ^_^)

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Oh hahahaha! I thought I could not find the song but it’s on the app.

Plus a fuller video lesson here

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I’d love to learn the song “ I’d Go the Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric. Looks like it’s only 2 chords.

E and A .

Will Ferrell plays it in “ Stranger Than Fiction”

Hi @suzieq … is that a request? If so did you know there’s a request board here?
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Thank you! I will try and remember where the request board is. I did find an online tutorial of it on YouTube. I do think it’s a good beginner song though. :smiley:

At this stage i am not sure if i should be strumming every beat in the song, up until now i have only been playing the note on the chord change, i am still very slow at finding the next chord! i went through module one like this but watched justin play one of the songs and noticed him strumming every beat doing it and wondered if i should be doing that at this stage?

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I’d say give it a go Shane no harm at all in pushing yourself but don’t fret if it’s a challenge. At module 2 getting clean chord changes for the first beat in each bar should probably be the priority however. Plenty of time for strumming further down the line.
Good luck! - Mark.

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Hello @shanem and welcome to the Community.

Go for it - with a caveat.
Do you have the option to slow the songs down - those that you are playing along to?
The App does this if you have it.
If not, download Audacity (free) and import mp3, select All, Effects, Change tempo, reduce by % amounts.

Hope that helps.
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Chris Stapleton - Joy of My Life is a good song for E/D/A (capo on 1st fret)

so is Alan Jackson - she’s got the rhythm and I got the blues ;). There’s a B or B7, but you can leave it out if you’re just learning.

I find I can practice, do just fine with my fine chord changes and also speed (30 changes+ a minute) but once I go to playing songs, my brain turns to mush, my fingers get sloppy and I all of a sudden can’t change my fingers fast enough. I’ve only been working on this for three weeks so I know it will come with time and I’ll get better…but wow does being under pressure to hit the chords on time during a song (I’m playing most at 50-70% pace) change everything!


I think most of us had the same when we just started out, just keep practicing and it will get better. If you are using the app slow down the bpm. I also chose songs where there not changes after each bar and the chord sequence was repetitive.
Almost forgot welcome to the community
Michael :guitar::notes:

Thanks for the reply Michael. Very much enjoying the process and making mistakes/learning. Always nice to hear others were all in the same situation too :slight_smile:


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I’m finding it almost impossible to play at every beat. I can somehow manage to play at the chord change. So should i proceed to the next module? If not what would you suggest before i go to module 3. (Btw i have memorised the chords and cam get 40+ changes per minute)

Hi Anshul, are you using the app for your song practice? If so I would suggest reducing the bpm to a tempo that you are comfortable with and then gradually increase the tempo towards the original tempo.