Songs For Module 5

Here are some songs for you to practice the concepts and techniques you've learned in Lesson 5 of this beginner's guitar course.

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No get lucky guitar tutorial? Could not find it on this site

Only on ukulele at the moment. Get Lucky (ukulele) |

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Hey Villster .
You can find get lucky by going to your practice routine for lesson 5 . Then go to the songs 10 minute workout . There is a button under the metronome saying show video . Get lucky is the 3rd song .
Hope i helped you !
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Just had my first AHA! moment while playing along on the app to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” (at 60% speed, but still :grin:) - for the first time, it felt like my fingers just naturally “hooked up” to the right strings as I switched chords. It just felt like they knew which string was which! Such a tiny thing but it put a massive smile on my face. Really falling in love with this instrument :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



You have broken through a barrier and developed some muscle memory! :slight_smile: What a great moment. Believe it or not, you will continue to have those for as long as you play and learn.
Cheers :smiley:
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That’s a cool feeling, you are definitely right to document it and celebrate the accomplishment. I don’t think it’s a tiny thing at all!


After grafting through Dm in Module 4 it’s such a thrill to hit a Module where you get to play Black and the riff from Come As You Are. I can see myself sticking with this Module for a bit as Pearl Jam and Nirvana are two of my favourite bands :sunglasses:

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I’m young and know the Beatles. I just don’t like them :wink:

Hello @ccaf and welcome to the Community.

If you’re young and know The Beatles then someone somewhere has helped rear your properly!! :wink:

Seriously, even if you think you may not like their music - and this goes for any artist - learning to play their songs can be invaluable in widening your skills on guitar nad your general appreciation of how music works.

Cheers :smiley:
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I don’t understand what to do with the Elenore Rigby link and how to play along with it. It’s only 30 seconds long and there is no accompanying TAB. ???

Hi, I have a question: how do I know if I can play along with the original record of a song? For example, if I look for Get lucky chords, there are many options: Justin’s app says Am, C, Em, D (no capo); but I found another two tutorial/tabs where the chords are respectively Am, C, Em, D with the capo on the 2nd fret and Bm7, D, F#m7, E (no capo).
So now I’m playing the song over the video you can find in the practice routine, but what chords do I use if I want to practice on the original song?
Justin always stresses the position of the capo and the chords in his tutorials, so it’s a big deal and I don’t want to do something wrong… I’m also concerned about other songs, since I don’t have the premium access to the app and sometimes the original record is everything I can practice on. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey Biagio,

Those two alternatives you found are equivalent, since Am with capo on 2 is the same as Bm (although the 2nd version uses minor 7 chords, while the first doesn’t). I don’t use Justin’s app, but I think I’ve read here that the app versions are sometimes simplified. So, my guess is that Am, C, Em, D with capo 2 probably conforms to the original.

You can probably just try them both with the original recording and your ears will probably tell you which one is right.

Top Tip @Manos98

Kudos and good vibes.

Take away the 7 from those chords and they are identical in function just raised up two semitones.

Am + 2 semitones = Bm
C = 2 semitones = D
Em + 2 semitones = F#m
D + 2 semitones = E

The original song is played using only barre chords much further along the neck so no capo is required.
Justin is teaching a simplified version accessible to beginners to give a fun song to learn and play.

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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Thanks for the tip. I had earlier decided Get Luck was not available and had added other songs to the Module 5 practice list and had deleted the 10 minute practice item. I finally found that I could delete the edited routine and add back from the Module 5 practice routine and was happy to see that Get Lucky was available from inside the 10 minute song practice. There are not many songs that have a C chord and not a G chord so every new song is helpful.


Sorry. Victim of autocorrect. I had to add the comma to overcome the default spelling.