Songs For Module 8

An awesome song repertoire with loads of easy songs for you to practice the Stuck 3&4 chords!

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The songs for this module are picked to make use of the stuck chords, but I have a question about one in particular — the Dsus4.

For just about each song recommended where these stuck chords can replace the open chords, the Dsus4 sounds very off to the point where it doesn’t sound like the same song.

Should I be practicing with the Dsus4 when playing along in the Beginner Song App for this module just to get it down? Otherwise, I’m just going to the open D every time I see D in the app because Dsus4 sounds so out of place.

Hi Troy, I personally would stick with it to get the chord down. The stuck chords also help with developing the little finger and growing a stronger grip which you need for the next lesson. There’s nothing to stop going back to songs you’ve previously learned at a later date and developing them further as your skills progress.

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Sus chords are a bit unusual in their nature and if held for many bars tend to sound like they want and need to move to the major chord or move somewhere else.
If you are playing some of the earlier learned songs using say, E, A, and D major chords, sometimes that Dsus4 stuck 3&4 will sound wrong.
If so, use your ears and play a normal D major.
Or land at the chord change with the Dsus4 but after a beat or two fall back to D major.
If it sounds good it is good - and the converse. Follow your ears.
Cheers :blush:
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The A Team by Ed Sheeran is also a nice song with the stuck 3 and 4 chords

In the old forum, there were quite some suggestions for stuck 3&4 songs. Some which I can remember are:

  • Whatever by Oasis (has a bit easier strumming than Wonderwall)
  • Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins
  • Nutshell by Alice in Chains
  • Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran
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Disarm and Nutshell are great suggestions and old favorites of mine to play. I’m going to definitely incorporate those into my practicing this module.

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I would add Afterglow to the list of songs as well

In the Beginner Song Course, when you play along with the songs it just shows the tab for the regular open chords, not the stuck 3+4 variants. It would be great if the new chords were shown instead!

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Hey Justin, I think Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls uses some stuck 3&4 chords mixed with some of the open chords we’ve learned so far.

Home by Daughtry

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Hey guys… trying to play songs suggested by Justin in this lesson using the app. Have a question about using the songs. So far, I have been just playing the chords in the sequence that it plays but haven’t really strummed with the song. How do you figure out what strumming pattern to use for the songs and where are the chord changes? Any comments are much appreciated.

Hello and welcome.

By this stage you will have learned and experimented with quite a few strumming patterns, Which you use is totally up to you and what feels right.

The general advice when learning a new progression is to play one strum per bar. Once you have that down, play two strums per bar on beats 1 and 3. Then move to four downstrums for the bar. This will all help with timing and chord changes. From there it is up to you. Use your ear to see if you can work out the general strumming pattern, or experiment with what you have been practicing and see if any fit.

Hope that helps

A great song that uses the stuck 3/4 chords is “Seen it All” by Jake Bugg.
It’s a great use of the stuck 3/4 G chord and the Dadd11/F# chord which I don’t see used that often in the other songs in the list.
Add in the C, Em, and D along with an easy strumming pattern and its probably the first song that I, as a true beginner, can do and sounds like the original (But doesn’t sound like a beginner song if I could sing along with it.)

Nutshell by Alice In Chains is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard… and tried to play! Justin should definitely add it to the list. Maybe he could even make a video lesson for it, it’s quite easy to play (I think), and so rewarding!

Agreed Nutshell is such a fun song to play, I recently covered it and posted on the forum asking the same thing - why have Justin not (yet hopefully) covered this song? A perfect little tune for someone at Grade 2 and to follow up with lead play around Grade 3-4 :slight_smile:

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Hi! I have a question for peeps who are using the app to practice songs. The recommended songs in the app for this module have a mixture of regular & stuck 3&4 chords. Am I supposed to follow those to the letter or replace everything with the stuck equivalents? Thanks!

Play them either way. This is more about learning the stuck chord shapes than it is nailing those songs as recorded.

Hey, I’ve noticed that the practice item for L8 Song Practice, the video with the songs to play along has no sound. Is anyone on Justin’s Team aware of this issue?