Songs For Module 8

Hmm @Iodine, I’m still not seeing what you’re referring to. The Songs for Module 8 video called “Easy Songs For Advancing Beginners!” has sound for me. I also have sound on Module 8 Practice, but I don’t think either of these is the one you’ve found that doesn’t work. Could you add in the link to the page with the silent video?

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You need to be signed into the main website to view the video. If you still cannot get it to work, go to the “Module 8 Practice” lesson, scroll down to where it says “Practice”, and then save the routine and set it as active. Then go to the practice section in your dashboard and scroll down to where it says “L8 Songs using Stuck 3 & 4 chords!” Click on it and then click on “video.” @judi

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Got it! I didn’t dig far enough, sorry. Now to your original question (I didn’t want to send you to the wrong place):

I think the easiest way to report it is to tag Laryne @larynejg. I’m pretty sure she keeps track of these issues! :slight_smile:

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This issue has been notified on this thread Module 8 Practice video has no sound.


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I remember as a younger person, I still loved AC/DC, but the members in Bon Scott era looked like a bunch of ruffians! Seriously, look at the album cover for Highway to Hell. I wouldn’t want to meet anyone of those guys in an alley!
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I’m a bit puzzled by the song list for module 8. There are some really fantastic songs, but the ones I looked at seem to incorporate a lot of skills that haven’t been treated at by this part in Justin’s course and many are grade 3 songs. For example, the Green Day song has single note picking at a very fast speed (192bpm). Justin hasn’t dealt with single note picking at this stage. Then Free Fallin has a 16 stroke strumming pattern but he only deals with 8 note strumming at this point in the course. I looked at the guns and roses song patience. It also incorporates a more than challenging arpeggio sequence even though arpeggios come later in the course.

So my question is what would be considered enough before moving onto the next module? Just to play the chord sequences and strum something that fits? Or to really nail 16 note strumming and fingerpicking? It seems that the chord progressions for these songs are relatively simple and stuck chord changes are not that challenging. So I don’t know whether I should now be moving on or whether I should stick with these songs for longer. Love the songs though!! A great selection. Justin’s explanation in the video about the different guitar parts of patience by GnR and how they change the strumming to great effect in the chorus were real eye openers for me and make the whole experience of learning so much more exciting.

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Hi Ian @Prof_Thunder,
Fellow Grade 2 beginner here. In the lessons for both of those songs, Justin offers beginner-level strumming tips. I’d suggest following those, and even experimenting to spice it up a bit using your current skills. The real key is to focus on the Module 8 skills used in those songs. Hope that helps!

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I am at the end of my 3rd and starting my hard review and rewatching (millionth time) 3rd grade videos and notes before really starting my 3rd grade consolidation. You do have it right in your second part. Go basic to advanced strums in steps as you advance. Don’t just skip it. Give it a go and learn the chord progression of the songs you like and its more than half way. Do as Judi suggests follow justins easy level examples, partice it. You will be playing the song and you will feel acivment.

It was also very satisfying to be able to come back later and move up to more advanced versions. Even by the time you are finished consolidating you may have advanced enough to revise the strumming to the next level up. There are even a few I still can’t play the advanced figering from 2nd grade song list but I can get through strumming so I do, and I know eventually I will get the fingering maybe in 4 or somewhere down the line.

I am not 100% sure, but these are the songs that Justin is talking about much later in the course when he says we should be taking time in practice for repertoire revision. Going back to early songs and working the embelishments hammerons, walkups or the sus-notes. Thats what I do at least, play, review and make my older songs better.

Edit, uhg. Sorry for so many spelling and gramatic errors in that response. Fixed it some.

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Dying of the light Noel Gallagher uses four of chords in the chorus and three repeating in the rest of song really good practice of the chords in lesson eight think its 3/4 E D C & A in with others in chorus. not checked It but think its right.