Songs that make you happy

Curious to find out if there are any songs that make you happy or cheer you up. Not only when you are listening to them, but also - and maybe first of all - when you are playing them or are finally able to play them.

For me it’s the moment especially Rise Against “Tragedy + Time” ( I just love the riff and Tim McIlrath’s lyrics). Most of all I love that in the last chorus, there are actually two notes that sound like a smile.

I won’t be able to play this song for years probably. But sometime -many years from now - I will.

And then there is this one. No matter how often I hear it, it always cheers me up. It also has some of the most beautiful lyrics I know. It tells about a singer songwriter who gets told he is making unwanted songs. But he insists he has to do so because if he wouldn’t do so, he would suffocate from the monotony of every day life ( the song is in Finnish, so sorry for that). That one I might even learn next year or so. Can’t wait to play it.

So, what are songs that make you happy?




Ahhh!!! Nice pick!!! This should be stated as «the» happytune on wikipedia :rofl:


Oh I forgot you were from Finland :smiley:
This one always makes me smile and it’s one of the few songs I can play all the guitar parts perfectly on :wink:


Oh yes. So long since I watched Pulp Fiction. How will I ever get this out of my head? Thank you :smiley:

I always enjoy Guy Clark’s The Cape

My current obsession


Challenging one :grin: But wait, I have one for you. (What are rules regarding curse words here? :thinking:) Anyways almost impossible to translate… “Vittu kun vituttaa”. Ismo Alanko

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:sun_with_face:Beautiful. I could have needed such cape today. Thank you for giving me one for the future :sun_with_face:

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This one makes me happy. Had it on my spotify playlist for years now. It always make me smile :grin:


I used to watch the Hothouse Flowers perform regularly when they formed in '85. They used to play 50 pence lunchtime gigs over the front arch at the entrance to Trinity College, Dublin. Fabulous band.
They played in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago, but I just couldn’t find it in me (or my wallet!) to fork out that amount of money. Cheers for the memories :smiley:

Swearing is fine if it’s part of the ‘art’. Gratuitous foul language in comments is discouraged :smiley:


Aha!! Thats cool!

Think they are brilliant… can not listen to just depressing music either :rofl:

Would love to see them live.

Oh … Did not even know this version. Jimmy Cliff, Ray Charles, sure… Tusen takk :smiley:

Hehehe. I think Hothouse flowers «own» this one :grin:

It is a very nice version, you are right. I might just add it to my playlist :smiling_face:


Because it’s evolution for the girls, an adventure into the unknown!

Because it’s so full of emotions and a beautiful performance!

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great song, and it’s pretty easy to play

Hmmm… is it? Never thought of it before. But i sure could use a «happy» somg in my reportoire :rofl:

[D]I can see cl[G]early now the r[D]ain is gone.
[D]I can see [G]all obstacles [A]in my way.
[D]Gone are the d[G]ark clouds that h[D]ad me blind.
It’s gonna be a br[C]ight (bright)
br[G]ight (bright) sunshiny d[D]ay.
It’s gonna be a br[C]ight (bright)
br[G]ight (bright) sunshiny d[D]ay.

Hmm. Dont look to bad :thinking:

Thanks a lot. Will have a go at it :grin: