Soothe My Fevered Brow, Layla

So, the inevitable happened and I got Covid, so I have to isolate in my apartment here on my own.

For the first couple of days I was quite ill and spent most of the time in bed with a fever. But I think the fever broke last night and I woke up this morning feeling fairly human, aside from the cough, and the constantly running nose, and the head that feels like it’s been stuffed full of cotton wool.

Now I’m a bit bored as I’m not allowed out yet, so I thought it would be nice if Layla graced me with her presence. And, luckily for me, it seems she’s not too fussy, judging by previous company she’s kept :rofl:

So here we go: it’s a bit unstructured and noodly, and a bit messy in places, and probably far too long.

For this I used the Travelcaster which I bought quite a few weeks ago, but which I haven’t played as much as I should. As I pointed out elsewhere, whilst it’s a great little guitar in many respects, and ready handy for travel use, it has it’s drawbacks. the main one for me is that the cut down body means there’s nowhere to lie your arm against, and so I end up resting it against the bridge which results in accidental muting and lack of pick control.

I’m using the Yamaha THR10ii that I bought last time I was in Singapore in 2020, recording over USB into OBS Studio. The backing track is playing on my laptop, captured directly into OBS.

The great thing about this is you can’t hear me sniffing every 15-20 seconds!

If nothing else, hopefully this will demo the guitar a bit. I mainly used the neck pickup, but I did switch the pickups a bit during the middle. I think the bridge pickup is better for higher gain tones where the extra gain fattens it up a bit.

I will add that this sort of improvisation isn’t really my thing. I general tend to prefer learning set pieces, but I’ve been thinking I should really spend more time trying to build this as a skill.




Layla inevitably started looking for a better class of citizen to hang out with, to dine and dance, and even sooth a fevered brow :grin:

Sorry to hear you also got the lurgi, I’m in recovery mode myself.

Some pleasing sounding licks and riffs, there and the tone sounded pretty good as well. Guitar seems pretty good value for what it is.

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Good job Keith when you changed pick-up your phasing became more even and sounded more like a solo. Happy you’re feeling better and they let you out soon.

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Sounding pretty smooth for a sick boy, Keith :wink:
Yup, it’s probably a tad long, but if I could do that, I would too!
Interesting guitar. Sweet tone. Nice share.
Get well soon :smiley:

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That was really good Keith, you’ve definitely got the Layla vibe going on there.

Interesting to see/hear the travelcaster in action. Yes, it does look a bit awkward having nowhere to rest your arm but compromises have to be made somewhere I suppose to keep the size small. Combined with the Yamaha amp you achieved a great tone.

I’m glad Layla is helping you to recover but please don’t pass any of your bugs onto her. She has a busy schedule and can’t afford to be off on sick leave.


Being locked in a room with Layla and no other company may speed your recovery. Sending Well Wishes dear Keith.

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That was great Keith great to see another one fancying Layla and her tempting moves :smile: sounded good to me and nothing as good as music acting as a medicine to any health issues :wink: I think playing on guitar which is pretty much missing a body would be hell of a challenge so an extra bow towards you! All the best and get well

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Boy she sure does get around !! Nice noodling Keith and a very enjoyable listen, welcome to the club ! Hope recovery is going well and you are getting back to normal. That laid back BT is a great sound drop to ease a fevered brow or just to chill with. Great way to ease those virus blues away.

Take care.


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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

The good news is I’m starting to feel much better, although still a way off 100%.

I got the Travelcaster because it looked like I was going to be travelling a fair bit between Singapore and Sydney. Also my apartment was quite small.

The travel hasn’t happened and it now looks like I’m going to be based in Singapore for the next several months. I’m changing accommodation next month and will have a fair bit more space. If all goes as per the new plan, I may consider getting a full-sized guitar for my new place on the basis I can sell it on when I leave.



Sounded good, got a Layla vibe. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

How do you connect to the amp, I couldn’t see a cable?

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I have the wireless transmitter.



Sounding nice on this end. Tone fits well with the overall vibe. Very listenable and well done. I enjoyed it and keep up the good play!

Get fully well soon and all the best,

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That was a sweet bit of noodling Keith. Very chilled and laid back.

I hope you are feeling 100% soon.

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Very nice Keith, really enjoyed it.

That travelcaster looks cool.

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