Sound of Silence - fingerpicking practice - feedback welcome

Been trying fingerstyle for a bit now. This is a recent effort.

I find the fingerpicking to be very unforgiving. Any missed notes or breaks in timing is apparent. But, I guess that is what makes it a particularly tough challenge.

Comments criticisms welcome as always. Stream Sound Of Silence Reverb by MiJoy | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


I really enjoyed this one Mike. Your playing and singing have come on leaps and bounds. I thought you did a great job with the your fingerpicking.

Hi (@MiJoy) Mike, this is not the easiest of songs to start out with. I like the fingerpicking pattern and (even though unforgiving) you do hit all of the strings, and I guess you play it with thumb and three fingers which is difficult to get the strings to ring out with an equal volume, which you are succeeding quite well. Well done! For the strumming part the groove seems to be somewhat halting at times, perhaps worthwhile spending some more time with, perhaps getting a backing track and playing along with that, and recording it and listening. On the singing, its very expressive, and you do have the range. If you could, and if you would, you could practice a little more on the intonation - by singing with the original, and to a backing track, and recording those and carefully listening. (And any of the other listening tools like a big slower downer like Anytune) It will be a great one!

Thanks for the feedback @TRJ , it’s much appreciated. I have to admit I didn’t put much of an effort into the strumming. If I choose to continue to develop this song I’ll work on it.

Singing seems to be my biggest challenge. I think that is partly (or perhaps mostly) because I don’t hear the pitch problems to the extent that other people do. Might be a filer thing in my brain where I am filtering out the problem.

However, I think your advice is very good advice. As an experiment I have tried recording myself singing a song with head phones on (no guitar) as I sing along with the original (or a cover I like) and even I can hear a substantial improvement.

Thing is, I’m guitar focused right now. Maybe in the future as my guitar is a level or so better I will look into singing lessons. See if there is anybody who can help.

Never heard of Anytune, (or a slower downer) just looked it up. Looks interesting. Wondering if it offers features not found in Audacity, which is what I currently use to record.

Again your thoughtful advice is greatly appreciated

Very kind words @SgtColon much appreciated. It’s a fun journey.

Greatly appreciate the feedback.

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Hi, don‘t worry about the filter thing in your brain, you hit a lot of notes just right. I think if you just keep at it, and record yourself singing, and listen. Justin‘s motto is that practice makes permanent, also applies to singing, so consciously compare it with the original. And if you can spend 30 minutes a day practicing guitar, allow yourself 15 minutes for the singing as well. Just wanted to encourage you, because it is so much more rewarding doing songs.

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Keeping it real. You’ve got the stones. Keep up the good work and thank you very much.

Recording is now from my classical guitar.

You are doing well with your finger-picking and singing, Mike. All that is needed is continued practice to smooth out rough edges here and there.

If you reach a point where you want to focus on singing, my choice was Chris Liepe’s Discover Your Voice course. It made a big difference to my singing, and unexpectedly my ability to play and sing at the same time. Sure there are many options.

Not sure what you are wanting to be filled in on (I probably missed the point reading the thread)

Thanks David. I’ll check that out. Appreciate the encouraging words.

Regarding “ help me out…” that was meant for another forum. I’ll try to delete

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Thank you. Much appreciate the feedback

changed the key

Hopefully, this is a bit improved. I incorporated feedback received, at tleast to the best of my ability. Mostly tried to work on the timeing. More “crisp” as some have called it. I liek the term.


could not find the track to listen?