Splitable humbucker

If you bought a HSS Strat with a splitable humbucker, would the split humbucker sound similar to a single coil pickup or would it be vastly different?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I would say similar but not identical.

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Sound says more than 100 words

I’ve never tried it myself :see_no_evil:… I’ll give it a try this week, I have an HSS Fender player

Edit:I suddenly started to have doubts, but my Fender Player humbucker cannot be split… the humbucker in the PRS VELA s2 semi-hollow can, but then I don’t have the right comparison… so listen to the YouTube videos … sorry

Edit 2 : Thanks Stefan, through your question and watching 2 YouTube videos I have learned a lot about my PRS, I will practice on it more often hopefully and with the new easy sound switch option :sunglasses:

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In my experience, they tend to sound a bit more like P90s than traditional single-coils.



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From my research basically, no.

They sound close but.

Handy if your on stage and want the change in tones otherwise just use 2 guitars

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I would say a HSS allows you to have a fuller guitar sound in general for a guitar with single coil pickups. The humbucker on its own sounds nothing like a duel humbucker guitar.

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On my Strandberg, the split on position 4 (uhh 2? toward the neck) sounds good for something like Sweet Home Alabama.

On my SG Modern, it doesn’t sound much different than the HB mode.

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I don’t have experience with a wide range of splittable guitars. On mine at least, the humbuckers sound humbuckery and they sound like single coil when split. But they’re Seymour Duncan pickups, and when the luthier set it up he set individual pole height with the single coils to get the right sound.

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Thank you everyone.

@roger_holland That was an interesting watch, thank you.

So is it a mod that needs doing to enable the split, or do some Strats come with the splitable humbucker, does anyone know?

You can do it yourself ( buy and build a splitable one on your guitar) but it is also possible to buy one ready-made … although I am afraid that I may have misunderstood your question … Because you cannot make your fixed humbucker splitable with a knob…


Hope this helps

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Thanks Rogier, I was just wondering if you can buy a Strat with that capability, as it may just be a step too far on a mod for me.

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Unless the knob is a Push-Pull or Push-Push. I used mini toggles on the Pimp Affinity HSH and all three pups are splitable as “single” is actually 2 stacked singles.
@SgtColon But check the HBs are wired for splitting.

This includes the lower Strat tone knob being converted into a blender to bring both Neck and Bridge HBs in together - using the Strat 5 way switch all 3 pups can be engaged…with multiple switching/splitting combinations.

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Toby, what I’m saying (given the explanation later) is that I thought the humbucker must be ‘prepared’ for splitting… or you can split any Humbucker with a simple addition of a pull-on/off knob ?

Because then I would have done it differently with buying my guitars… Oh no, not at all :smile:
I really like to buy this kind of stuff ready to use straight away :blush:



Aaa I think you’re already saying what I meant here

The word ’ fixed ’ Apparently I should have chosen a different word… but by that I meant (not prepared for splitting…) humbucker

Roger I think it all depends on how the HB is wired, as in the diagram I shared. So you would have to check that they are 4 wire HBs from what I recall, it was some time ago.

Yes ,that was what i was saying …trying to say :smile:

Yes I am note sure if all HBs are 4 wire as standard.

@SgtColon Iron Gear have some free wiring diagrams that may help. Example of Pull/Push LP style coil splitters

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1 vol 2 tone Strat HSS using Pull/Push splitting.

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Please note that this does not apply to the Player series I have…

As to can you buy one already set up, yes

  • Pickups: 2 Player Plus Noiseless Strat Single Coils (middle and neck) and 1 Player Plus Humbucker (bridge)
  • 1 Master volume control
  • 2 Tone controls
  • Push/pull function for coil split on the second tone knob
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Yep, I know the American Ultra HSS does it :rofl:

Surely they have some other ones that have a splittable humbucker too.

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