Started module 9 now

Though I still have strumming and time keeping on my carried forward list.
( The C chord too as changing quickly is still an issue – e.g. Brown Eyed Girl ).

I got a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 ( The Scarlet is a bit pricey for me - this seems to work OK ? ) today and used to record this - my playing against the JustinGuitar app - Luka

Time keeping getting a bit better. Trying not to look when changing chords ( unless I get strange noises… ).

Not sure I am quite ready and able to start a full on learning log…


Things are sounding good Geoff. That C chord will come, I had the same issue with it. Your strumming sounded consistent as well.

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Nice and solid Geoff.

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I need to turn up the guitar listening again, also I lose the overdrive and reverb from the amp using the interface. Sounds clearer though than when I was putting tablet next to amp to record…

So free effects that I can use on computer and how to put between the interface and Wavepad which is what I am using to record…?

I would recommend the app for playing along with to establish rhythm and learning songs.

Thanks. I was feeling it. Gave me a real buzz. Wife said I sounded very good having been learning for so short a time. Guarded compliment there… Never mind, she is getting a keyboard as I could not persuade her to try a guitar.

Keyboard is good!

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Oldest daughter said she would then learn drums.

Younger daughter plays Violin.

Fairport Convention, here we come…

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You’ve got all the ingredients for success here Geoff. Well done.

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Love me some Suzanne Vega. Well done Geoff. It’s coming together. :smiley:

Maybe turn the backing track down a bit. It’s too dominant.

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Seemed pretty solid to me. As has been said backing track is too loud. Brown Eyed Girl is hard to play at the full tempo, try slowing down, it will come.

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If you want tone when plugged directly into an interface, you need software that does tone. Get the free version of amplitube - makes a huge difference.

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Thanks will look into that. Else I will look at pedals…
The guitar had a replacement pickup as well as pot when I put it in to shop as one pickup not working it was a cheap one as the guitar is a 1970’s Japanese Les Paul copy, the shop were not sure it was worth repairing, it has some sentimental value for me, anyway seems a ceramic rather than alnico magnet as both were. Sounds thin by itself.

That sounded pretty good, Geoff.

I assume it is the app in the left channel and your guitar in the right? Might blend better if you adjusted the panning to be a blend rather than hard right and left.

I thought the volume levels of each were fine.

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This was first use of it. I had to set it to stereo in the settings as driver would not work otherwise. It has put the guitar on one channel and the backing track on the other. Will have to look into adjusting the “panning” not obvious in either interface settings or Wavepad, maybe this is why the interface costs so little compared to a Scarlett…

Geoff, the panning would be taken care of in the software used to make the recording. It has nothing to do with the interface per se. Your audio drivers should allow you to take a mono source from the interface and feed it into the recording software. And hopefully whatever you are using should allow you to record the inputs into different tracks, which can then be mixed. I am not familiar with Wavepad but if it can’t do that then maybe worth trying something else.

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I have the free version of Wavepad, trying it out. Initial impressions are good though I have nothing to compare it to.

The interface is supplying stereo signal as I could not get it to work otherwise.

Needs a bit more playing with. Maybe a different driver.


Edit : Wavepad supports this. The paid for version. The free one does not
I got as it can loop and overdub.
I selected the device not the driver as input. Windows 11 seems to offer both.

Apparently there is a free DAW with the interface available after registration, so will have a look at that and compare.

Edit 2:

The interface is using generic Windows 11 USB sound.
This is working in Wavpad (DAW) and Windows 11 is not allowing me to change to the ASIO one the interface recommends. The Amplitube is using the ASIO driver. Wondered if I could chaIn them so Amplitube listens to the USB Codec and outputs to the ASIO driver and so Wavepad gets the effects rather than trying to add afterwards or in DAW. As I can change input to the ASIO in Wavepad.

No. Amplitude uses same device for input and output. Also has effects for ASIO and not for the Windows 11 generic USB sound.

Too much messing with tech and taking practice time. mg
Also wandering off topic…

Sounded mostly clean to me. Your rhythm was spot on to my ears. well done.

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