Steely Dan Classic Rikki Don’t Lose That Number

Hi All,
A friend recently noticed that I had this song in my set list.
He asked if I had a video of it as he wanted to see how I played it.
So here it is. Todays project, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number by Steely Dan.
It’s a great song I reckon and I love playing it.
All feedback welcome as always.


Sounding great Ron. Nice playing and singing.

I never knew it was a Steely Dan song. You learn something new every day.

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Right On Ron @RonG


Great playing and singing man.
I love your little riffs ya play throughout the song. Very tasteful.

I agree with you

It is a great song. A song that stays in your mind after ya hear it.
And you didn’t miss a beat playing it.

Very enjoyable to listen too.

Ya got your mix down perfect too.
Very nice set up ya got there to make for a great performance!

Thanks for sharing.

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Great rendition, Ron! :clap:

Like that song a lot and you definitely did it justice. :slight_smile: Great playing, you seemed to be so relaxed and smooth, adding in some picked Riffs between strumming at ease. Singing was top notch, too. For my taste, a little less use of the vocal harmonics would be in favour, i.e. for chorus only, you have a lovely singing voice on its own that can shine without the tool. :slight_smile: But that’s only personal taste and therefore it remains an overall great performance. :+1:

Very enjoyable listen! :smiley: Thanks for sharing, I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Cheers - Lisa

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Oh wow! I’m such a fan! Awesome studio you have there!

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Fantastic, loved it. TY.


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It’s funny how sometimes we don’t associate a song with the original band.
Thank you for the encouragement Stefan. :smile:

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Thank you so much Jim. I really appreciate the kind remarks. :smiley:

Lisa thank so much. It is a great song and I really appreciate the feedback.
I think after listening a few times I agree with you on the vocals. I will cut it back a tad next time. :smiley:

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Pamela thank you. My studio is still a work in progress but I am comfortable with it at the moment. It is nice to have one fan :joy::clinking_glasses:

I am so pleased you loved it Rachel.
Thank you for the feedback. :grin:

Nicely done Ron,
I took it in and enjoyed it all. Everything set well in the mix…
Good job and be well!

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Very cool Ron.
The sounds is really good. Well done.

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Sounds really good! I was flicking through your videos and I have quite a few of the songs in my “repertoire”
I put quotes round it because I only ever play threee or four at a time at open mics usually!
Great stuff Ron, I’ll will definitely be having a go at this👍

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Enjoyable performance Ron. You make great use of the technology, enhancing the performance without going over the top.

Mix is subjective and I see most happy. I think I’d have preferred the percussion down a little and the vocal up a little. When I say ‘little’ I mean subtle adjustments, rather than calling the mix as being out of balance.

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Hi Ron,

How big are those speakers?!!

Top job on the vocal. The fx work really well.
Playing and production is really good.

Top performance.


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Another class production.
Steely Dan are awesome and you do this song real justice.
If I was going to be really picky, I’d say the drums sounded a bit too ‘reverby’ for my taste, but most folk here know I have very questionable taste

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Thanks so much LB :smiley:

Thank you Sebastian I appreciate your feedback. :smiley:

Cheers Mike.
It is a great song to learn.
All the best in adding it to your list. :smiley: