Strumming Machine - suggestions, bug reports, user experience feedback etc

Cool Stuff :star_struck: Perfect with the strumming SOS and other strumming lessons. Well done :+1: :sunglasses: :nerd_face: :heart: :pray:

Ooo, :sunglasses:
You are going to make a lot of students even happier…

I am changing previous thoughts of mine…because now I say ‘Unfortunately I started my serious guitar journey 3 years too early’ :smile: :sunglasses:


This is perfect timing for me. Can’t wait to try it out.

Wow Im so amazed at Justin’s dedication to us, and all the free tools he’s providing. This is unreal. Many thanks and so much gratitude for the content and for everyone involved.

It fits perfectly to strumming SOS.
I just taped with eyes closed on the screen.
It’s 1 and 3 and and. Missing 2 and 4. Even with voice count. As you all know strumming SOS helped me a lot. This is going to bring me to the next level.
If it would be behind a pay wall I would have bought it. Justin guitar gets better and better.

I have now had a chance to have a play and first impression is that it is an excellent tool especially for beginners and a GAME CHANGER. Should say that I am just about through Grade 2 and have done Grade 1 Strumming SOS, so I like to think of myself as not an absolute beginner. I only wish it was available 18 months ago when I started, I am sure my strumming would have progressed quicker.

I do find just playing against a metronome a bit boring and will now use the other ways of keeping time and practicing patterns.

Perhaps another benefit is that as you can hear a chord being played it is more like playing in a group situation where you are having to keep in time with the others.

Look forward to further additions in the future.

Michael :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Groovy, man! :smiley: I just checked it out and it seems pretty awesome so far! Thanks so much for this.

This is great now I can hear what the strumming pattern should sound like :+1: I’m only a beginner this will be a big help.

Oh my goodness - it is FANTASTIC.
What a brilliant tool for people to explore strumming.
Bravo to all involved in creating it.
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Hi Richard,
Funny, I would think with all the tracks samples drum/rhythm/sound things you create here that you would have contributed to this (or even written and made it completely ), maybe this will save you time with examples you give and want to give? :crossed_fingers:

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The Strumming Machine is great!
I can use it to play along on guitar or explore and tap rhythms away from guitar.

An option for swing/shuffle rhythm would be good! :guitar:

Hey JG Team!

This looks like a great tool for beginners. However, I’d like to suggest two future improvements that may make it more useful for advanced-beginners:

  1. Add 16th Note Strumming (1e+a2e+a etc.)

  2. Add a selection for each up and down stroke to be either MUTED or OPEN.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


looking forward to using this new tool! Add a master volume control would be nice. Thank You

This is incredible!! So well done. I had created my own “practice” partner in Garageband, but I might just start using this from now on. Thank you :wink:

Thank you for making this useful and easy to use tool for us! :partying_face:
I would appreciate if you could add independent volume controls for strumming sound, voice count and metronome, so we can tweak that to our taste :slight_smile:

Justin and Co. never cease to amaze me. This is very cool and useful. Usually websites overpromise and underdeliver with announcements. +1 for 16th notes down the line.

THIS TOOL IS GENIUS!!! Goes so well after the Strumming SOS course big thank you!!!

Fantastic tool, but why only two options per beat? For example, I’d like to do something like beginning with two down strums on the 1+. I don’t see a way to do that without having four choices per beat.

Is there something I’m missing.

Regards. I really enjoy Justin Guitar.

Hi @Bigezal @johnghadimi @RubbaNoze @browneyegirl @Do2nt ,

Given the number of clicks on the link and the number of new people responding, this is another bull’s eye… :sunglasses:
Welcome to you above who are posting for the first time :wave:
I wish you a lot of fun and a great learning curve,

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Great stuff! And for me this came in time. I had all these little pieces of paper with strumming patterns spread everywhere, and now I don’t have an excuse any more to store them all in one place :smile:

To the web team: awesome job in developing the tool!!
A small issue, my own saved patterns are not in the original order any more. E.g. if you look here:

→ the order of my patterns yesterday was as follows: first “Justin SOS 1”, then “2”, then “3”, then “4”, and so on. Today they are all in a different order. Not a big deal, but maybe it could be implemented that they can be sorted by the user?

And a second suggestion: It would be nice if a link could be added to open up the saved pattern in the player again. It is now already possible “somehow”:

  • go to library
  • klick on the 3-dot menu
  • select “share”
  • open a new browser tab and paste the link.

I would suggest to add an additional link to that 3-dot menu. Does my description make sense to you?

Feel free to ignore my feedback if this creates too much work. As everybody else already said, it is a very useful tool!

Been delving a little deeper and have a question and a couple of suggestions.

Q - some of the later patterns have an x is this a palm mute or percussive hit as in the Strumming SOS Justin uses a H for a hit. I have listened and could convince myself either way (you can see my ear training is at the early stages)

Suggestion - 8th note strumming has already been suggested but would be better if it also included an emphasis on the back beat if required. If this could be on other similar patterns as well.
The limit for bpm is 140 perhaps this could go a little faster as I have a few songs faster than this and at the stage of trying different patterns for verse and chorus.

As I said in an earlier post this is a GAME CHANGER for a beginner like me, so much better to strum along to a chord than just a click.
Michael :+1:

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