Strumming Machine - suggestions, bug reports, user experience feedback etc

Came accross this tool by accident. My .initial thoughts are it is a great idea but unfortunately does not deliver. It only takes a few bars before realising the vocal count isn’t in synch. I found the metronome sounds terrible with extra sounds going on and found the delay on the chord a bit irritating.

Do you mean it’s out of temp or out of synch with the visuals? I use it with my bone conducting headphones just with the vocal count set low (so it’s in the background) and don’t watch the visuals.

Set on a basic one strum per bar the vocal count progressively gets earlier and earlier. Within a minute the “One” is being called on beat four, and by 90 seconds it is being called on beat three. This is with strum sound, vocal count and metronome all on.

the strumming machine would even more benefit when an adjustable or preset timer is added, no?
And even later on the possibility to have an adjustable chord choice during the set interval.

marc de win

At 60 BPM, with only the voice count on, beat 4 sounds rushed to me. Four is a hard word to say in time because of the F sound, but, can this be improved?

The voiced “4” is a 64th early.

Dear JG support and developers,

I would like to ask you if you plan to add 16th note strumming blank template or not? I am using Strumming Machine for study materials - snipping the pattern to Excel and then printing and this is something I really miss. Like I could use it in Wonderwall or right now in Every Rose Has Its Thorn but because there is not this option I wont have my study material in one stylization and gotta look for alternative.
It does not have to be with metronome or any chords… I would be really happy if I can just use blank template in more than 4:4.

Thanks for answer. :slight_smile:

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