Strumming Patterns With Ups

It’s time to practice your up strums! Here are a few different rhythm patterns for you to work on.

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It’s quite interesting that the most ‘relaxing’ tempo is sort of heartbeat speed.

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Hello @MilleD welcome to the Community.

The heartbeat is the most powerful beat of all, for sure.
Wait until you begin to record yourself playing and hit the red button - your heartbeat will up several notches in an instant! :wink:

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Does the capital U in the first pattern signify anything different from the small u in the second pattern?

The 2nd pattern did contain lower case u for upstrums. This was a typo as @jashnotes states. I have now edited them to upper case.
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@SmokeJS No. It’s just a typo. The first pattern has an upstrum after beat 2 and the 2nd one has two up strums - after beat 2 and 3. Hope it clarifies. happy strumming :slight_smile:

What is the correct technique for holding the pick when up strumming. Do you have the tip of the pick slightly facing down towards the ground as you strum upwards or do you hold the pick in the exact same position when you down strum?

Hi Dan and welcome to the Community.

In a word yes. Think of it like painting, stroking down and up as you rotate the brush. If you keep it in the same position as the down strum it will snag the strings, so you want glide over them in both directions.

Hope that helps.



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That makes sense. Thanks Toby :+1:

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