Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel)

Still trying to keep the oldies alive! Hard to believe this one is almost 50 years ago.
I ran across this in YT and thought I’d give it a go.
Guitars and bass: PRS
Drums: Played on Dumpster Keyboard
I’m playing everything except the cowbell, which is compliments of a Google Search.
As with Cocaine, after I tracked it all I loaded the video, hoping to keep Brian and Gordon off balance. It’s not perfect, but it matched pretty well, so I kept it. Hope you enjoy it. Another fun and weird oldies. Feedback always welcomed.

For those who don’t want to endure the video:


Hi Dave,
Great,fantastic…a super production again :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:,…and for me not at all the same weird experience as with Clapton who I know/have seen much better than this group…but that doesn’t make it any less fun and good…well a little bit less fun ,…Cocaine was hilarious :laughing:

That was absolutely magic Dave, great lip sync as well!
You are just so entertaining and go to the extras that really make the difference!
Keep them coming buddy :+1::+1::+1:

:clap: :clap: :clap: :beers:

Great stuff. Most enjoyable. It’s a song I started playing recently and it cracks me up as I have vivid memory of walking in high school with a couple of friends singing along to Stuck in the middle and also Driftin away and now I play both of them. Keep up the great production effort.

That was great Dave. All the different components came together beautifully! Super stuff!

That’s amazing, I love the synced video!
Also, I just figured out the chord progression after I realized the first chord is a D so I’m well-pleased with myself.

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Dave that was really cool haven’t heard the song for a while and until you reached the chorus I hadn’t really realized I actually knew it in the first place! :grinning: but you really did a great job, followed the original quite closely so I had a blast listening to it. Thanks for sharing!

Good interpretation of the original and the backing vox ruled. Kind of strange to see the lead singer going for it and having your singing voice in there as he just does not look like he would have your voice. But the sync is good and all is good.

This song is old enough that I don’t recall it, save for when it was some sort of hit on the transistor radio about 50 years back or so when I was in my youth.

Over all, great play, good vox and a cover well done!

Keep up the good vibe and be well,

You are the coolest cat Dave. Love your work. I listened to the SC version, thanks for that.

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Another stellar production, Dave. I’m really all out of adjectives, superlatives, and hyperboles.

It has been and long may it continue to be a delight to watch you grow and become the musician you are and enjoy the songs you share.

And this latest step in your approach to base the productions on live performance videos where you can drop your audio onto the original video is just next level enjoyment.

Keep rocking on Dave!

Haha, excellent work, Old Man :sunglasses:
We should have a poll here of who knows this from the 70s and who from the Reservoir Dogs reboot :wink: (I loved both!)
It’s a sign of your meticulous approach that you’re able to put the signature Dave stamp on your covers and still synch it to the original video.
Sheesh, I can’t even synch to myself! :roll_eyes:
You are the gold standard

this is brilliant!
It seems that I missed something and this is not your first work in the genre of “synchronization”? :smiley:
But I feel it like the first time - everything is just amazing. Your excellent mix perfectly matches the picture, it’s a full match effect!
More, please!

Wow oldhead that was sick!! Loved the video as well and how you got the lips in sync thats crazy!! Well made production! Inspiring to me!!! Nice!!

Well Dave. I still think the lip sync thing is just plain weird!:grinning:
However your version of the song is just plain brilliant! Super performance all round. Vocal, playing, production, all spot on.
Mind you, I think you could have played your own cowbell. :smile:

Good stuff as usual! I give high praise to player and guitar videos, as it’s kind of what I’m after here, there’s nowhere to hide and it’s more organic, but still there is room for DAW production as well. It’s a musical form that you embrace and that you do so very well. No knocks from me, it all sounded good to my ears. Keep doing your thing sir!

That was great, Dave, and I loved the video too. And I agree that it’s hard to believe that song is almost 50 years old!

Another stunning show! Great work!

Dave, that was brilliant! You did a fantastic cover of a super song. Impressive playing on all those instruments.

Quentin Tarantino introduced me to this song back in the 90’s and I’m glad he did, it’s one of my favourites.

@roger_holland Thanks, Roger. No matter how you slice these, the fact that you kind of expect one thing and get something else makes them a bit weird. Fun nonetheless. Glad you’re having some fun with them. Thanks for comments.

@DarrellW Thanks Darrell. The sync is just a matter of dropping in the video. If you learn the music from the video it’s bound to come close. I appreciate your encouragement.

@stitch Rick, thanks for stopping by and taking a listen.

@tony Thanks Tony. Glad you enjoyed it. It’s interesting how a song can trigger vivid memories of days gone by like they were just yesterday. I appreciate the feedback

@Eddie_09 Thank you, Eddie, for that feedback. I was pretty happy with the way it came together.

@Maarten Glad you liked that video, Maarten, and glad you figured out the progression. Now just go for it.

@adi_mrok Thanks Adi. We’ve got to keep some of these old one alive. It follows pretty closely, but I wasn’t happy with the solo. First time playing a slide and just couldn’t get it, so improv’d most of it. Glad it gave you a blast from the past.

@LBro Backing vox ruled. Haha. That’s good. That pre-post had a track in it where I was trying some different things that obviously didn’t work and I forgot to delete the track. Caught it, changed it, reposted, then got your email. It’s definitely an oldie, but a good one IMHO. Thanks for the listen and feedback.

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