Student Performance Tab

Glad Justin’s email just received answered a question that has puzzled me all day.
Was looking at a song and noticed the Performance Tab and had one of the moments have I seen this before and what does it mean.
Answer now received.


Quote from the email.

“We’re thrilled to invite you to showcase your progress and talent with us. It’s simple: once you’ve learned a song from one of my tutorials, record yourself playing it, locate the “Student Performance” tab below the video lesson on the site, and you’re all set! :slight_smile:

This feature doesn’t replace the AVOYP in the Community; it’s an additional space for you to share recordings. :slight_smile: The Student Performance tab does not support likes and comments yet, but your enthusiasm could encourage us to develop that!”

Why do we need another place to post student performances? Surely this just dilutes things.


Cool, brilliant idea :slight_smile: When learning a song in the songbook, I find it helpful to see the final result from other students who played the same song. The student performance tab is integrated in the song lesson so it will probably make it much easier to find those videos. Searching all posts in AVYP works but it is time consuming to find all videos of song X in all those posts and probably not the reflex that most users have when learning a song on the website.


Yes, I was thinking the same way Gordon.
Not following the reasoning here.

Cheers, Shane

So what of Class of 23, wasn’t that meant for everything beginner related ?

:headstone: Class of 23 :headstone:
Not that I used it a great deal as I can’t abide FB anyway, I would rather be here tbh. :slight_smile:



Not for people who don’t use the forum. :wink:

@sairfingers and @sclay I was wondering the same for a moment after I had read the newsletter.

I do agree with Alan @oztelemann though. In the end it’s mostly a question of segmenting and target groups. Just think that probably people from a rather broad spectrum of segments receive the newsletter. Only a comparatively small fragment of them will also be actively using the forum. So, while this new tab is not specifically targeted at us active community people, it’s targeted at different segments. Giving people this opportunity and thus engaging them more, might potentially lead to more people actively joining the community, showing a greater interest in Justin’s paid courses, products etc.

I was even more surprised by the lines about Ren though. I remember that @mathsjunky and I recently very shortly discussed about Ren in the forum (thanks, Paul, that guy is brilliant). But other than that, this also just sounds a bit … Hmm… Like the freedom of marketing communication :slightly_smiling_face: Unless, Paul, you in fact sent an email to Justin himself telling about Ren :grin:

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Maybe I don’t understand it correctly, but if I understand it correctly, there is actually a "guitar challenge "under every music video lesson.
I think will make a lot of people happy,
because without a comment section and likes it gives the pressure of recording but not of what follows for a hustle and bustle :grin:
We’ll just have to wait and see what this will bring, I do see some advantages too

Edit:I just took a look, hopefully this doesn’t give all the “bumps” of the songs after approval of the songs :crossed_fingers: (Oh who oh who is going to check all that? :grimacing: :sweat_smile:) But this can really provide some added value (motivation for people who don’t use from the forum). I have already downloaded 3 :blush:

My suggestion would be to not develop that at all. If people want to get involved in discussion they should use the forum, which is already moderated. Opening up a new area for comments means a new area that will require moderation, which means even more work for the already overworked team.

@Richard_close2u - please pass this comment on to the development team.


Hmm… The hustle and bustle is then outsourced to YouTube however? :grin:

Check the video prominently presented when you click the link to those performances. One comment, published after the newsletter was sent. Must be coincidence :slightly_smiling_face:

No, that’s why my comments are turned off there :sweat_smile:…if I have to keep track of that :scream:



I might have done :slight_smile:

Interesting. Now my faith in marketing communication is almost restored :slightly_smiling_face:


responses …

It is still a group on FB though no longer supported in terms of input etc. from Justin & team. Though @LievenDV and myself are still posting and keeping in touch. Justin did a live stream explaining the reasons in December, with encouragement for people to come here to the community.

This discussion topic will be on the radar.


I read the newsletter and had a look at the feature and I think it’s pretty good.

It’s just a place to add a YouTube link so the Justin team can add it to the song lesson. Nothing to stop you posting in AVOYP and the student performance tab.

I get why they did this. To show student performances for specific songs. Justin is always doing call outs to “post you playing the song” and it hardly ever happens from what I can see. They want engagement on new song lessons.

The reality is very, very few students will use a forum. Most will just use the app or website and social media.

This is cool. The fact that you guys are concerned about this really shows how deep your commitment for the Community goes <3

All good questions and most of them answered by others here as well, as @Richard_close2u pointed out already.

Most of all it is a matter of taget groups, as @JokuMuu pointed out.
Justin is enciting people of outside the Community to do a “AVOYP” like thing as well.
That’s exactly why I proposed in the team to consider a lead from that that to the community, briefly explaining what we do here with AVOYP AND there IS place to discuss, ask questions, get feedback etc. So from my perspective it is a segway to the Community for people already over the hurdle of sharing their recordings.

Laryne was right to point out we already faced the challenge on how to manage the popular AVOYP postings though. all things together it can be some kind of glue to get Community and non-Community JG Users closer together. It could be in a very implicit manner, like a Student Performance link but with your Community username and label that says you are an active Community member or something. (that could hold some info behind an onClick or mouse hover)

My personal taste and opinion says not to develop likes and comments though, I think it brings only risk and extra overhead.

I surely am tickled to be doing some recordings some day. At least, it is a motivation for me to do so because I’m not the most active AVOYP poster. I even forgot which ones I actually did


Has anyone posted anything on the performance section yet?

The first …

@mathsjunky I must have missed that. I am a huge Ren fan and have been for a few years, my Youtube history was filled with The Big Push busking videos . Good to see him getting recognition, I hope people see the variety of genres that he performs, glad he is moving back to more rock/guitar based music.

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I very much agree. Once I started checking his music, it was almost impossible to stop. I have no idea how many times I have meanwhile been listening to the mini-opera tale of Jenny & Screech for example :slightly_smiling_face: