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Yes me :grinning:

Hi Richard. Yes, after reading through the various other thoughts/opinions in the thread I can see the benefits of the website song performance area. I agree with the concerns regarding the ability to post comments/critique on the website. If that facility is developed, who’s going to moderate those?

If I get it right, the performance tab should only be used by JG students, who used one of Justin‘s song tutorials to learn a song to show their progress. Basically, I think this is a good idea, as those to a certain song lesson related videos are much easier to find.
I‘m not a friend of splitting things too much over different channels, so I can see @sairfingers point of view too.
Another thing that came to my mind is how much effort it might probably take for the team to deal with performers who misuse this tab to spam the lessons with videos they recorded in other context than the song lesson or have nothing to do with Justin‘s lesson?

What? Where??? :upside_down_face:

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There is a sort of filtering process, in that you need to have a Justin account and be logged in before you can view or post a video.

It will still need monitoring though, to make sure no-one creates a fake account to post a video advertising their new, revolutionary guitar widget.

Is youtube the only option for the performance tab?

I tend to avoid posting cover songs to youtube. (I know you can. I know it usually doesn’t cause you any problems. I understand about claims/strikes/etc. I just don’t like the way youtube handles all of that, so I avoid it entirely.)

(EDIT - Although thinking about it some more, I don’t really have a good alternative to suggest…)

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Yes, was going to ask something similar. Is it possible to post a sound file, not video? I don’t use YT and I have no interest in making videos.

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That’s what I mean :wink:

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A video will undoubtedly get more/longer views than an audio recording. You will get better and more useful feedback if people can see your technique. Others can also learn from watching your technique.

In the ‘Imagine’ video referenced above, I’d be advising Faeryn to tame her left index finger which is sticking out in certain chords. This would not be possible in an audio recording.

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See the important info when you click the upload button:


Yes. I read that bit too Richard. But the fact remains that if this takes off and you get dozens of uploads this means a lot more moderating work for someone.

Justin is always chock full of ideas and projects - creating work and making life busy is his modus operandi! :wink:


Ah, thanks @Richard_close2u . I hadn’t clicked through to that next stage.

So, held for moderation is a very good approach. And looks like it has to be YT.

oh shoot … I hate being on videos too but what @sairfingers said is right , it may help to show the posture too

As users of JG’s website how are we notified on videos added to the performance tab of songs?

The team covers where workload peaks
If We become victim of overwhelming success, there will be a solution.
Until then, no worries ^^

Stuart @Stuartw
I don’t think it is the intention of any notification in the Community.
I had a quick look this evening and came across a posting at the second song I checked out.


I wasn’t thinking about the forum really but how when using the JG site you will know that someone has posted a song video. I know that it is new but does seem a bit random.

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There doesn’t appear to be any obvious link on the website, to this Student Performance section. No way I can see of getting there really.
Some may want to have a browse, and see what’s there ( including me to see if mine’s up there yet :nerd_face:).

Cheers, Shane

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The idea is that if you are going to do a song lesson, you will see examples below the video of fellow students who have already made an attempt to gain extra motivation or ideas, so you will automatically encounter it when you “need” it and you working of a song you chose, The goal is not for everyone to see it, but for those students who are working on that specific song.