Surprise or hacker?

Hi guitar friends! I have received a message, supposedly from Justin, saying I will receive a surprise. It consists on a present: a Gibson Les Paul! But I have to pay for the shipping and delivery. I am afraid is a hacker (We have been hacked twice in the recent weeks!), so I did nothing. Could you check this please? Thank you very much, best regards!

I’m afraid you’ll have to enter the raffles like the rest of us :wink:

If it sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE……

Sounds like a scam… too bad about the Les Paul though… free guitars are always welcome!!!


@MarioD This is a scammer, trying you trick you into it.

A hacker would try to do it without you knowing.

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Justin will never ever send any such messages.

His identity does get used by spammers from time to time.

Please can you screenshot and send all details to asap

Thank you

:upside_down_face: hahaha!

Thank you! I ignored the difference. I dislike both kinds of people!

Hahaha! Thank you for answering

Ok thanks!

Yep scammers not hackers.

Every successful Internet business has them now, zack from jerryrigs talked to one once worth a watch

This is definitely a scammer. It is suspicious that they know you are part of the Justin guitar community though. This would seem to indicate they have specific information about you. Is it possible that they have access to your computer? It might be worth getting it checked out.


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Thank you very much Ben. I don’t think they have access to my computer, but I will check it out. They saw a comment I put in Youtube to the 20 Years video uploaded by Justin, and contacted with me through that way… I was a bit naif…at the beginning, but I think that my reaction was not too late… I hope at least! Thanks again, Mario

To where was the message sent?

I’m afraid this is exactly the type of thing I was worried about when I posted in the JG Community Youtube Channel - please subscribe thread.


One of the tasks that Lieven and I do for Justin behind the scenes is respond to comments and questions on his Youtube channels.
We occasionally see obvious spammers and we delete their comments and ban them.
But occasionally another one comes along.
They usually steal Justin’s image and post a comment pretending to be Justin as a reply to someone else’s comment.
They are so self-evidently not from Justin it is pitiful.
But some people may be fooled, it is not impossible.

Basically, Justin will NEVER NEVER NEVER reply to a Youtube comment with any remark suggesitng you have won something or that he wants you to make direct contact with him because it is your lucky day.
DId I say NEVER?

Justin will NEVER do that,
Not on Youtube.
Not on Facebook.
Not on Twitter.
Not on Instagram.
Not vie any online platform whatever.


He will never do it.

If you see anything along these lines:


Then you can be 100% certain that IT IS NOT JUSTIN.

All we ask is that you report the post (using whatever reporting system that platform has and message or post here in the Community and tag @Richard_close2u @LievenDV and @DavidP in your post.
A screenshot or a notification of the supposed user name would be useful if you do that.

Do you mean that a reply was made to you Youtube post on the Youtube comments?

Please be crystal clear for those who are concerned at your report.

Or do you mean that somehow, inexplicably, they obtained your personal email address and sent you an email message?

Please clarify.


Gordon, unless Mario tells us differently, and I doubt it is different, all that happened is some random passing spammer happened to reply to a comment he posted in the comments feed of Justin’s youtube channel.

That is it.
nothing whatever to worry about.
It is no more serious than answering your front door to find it is a cold-call salesperson asking if you want new double glazing.


Hi Richard. I agree with you. Regards, Mario


Hi Richard! Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. I think I was in an email I sent to Laryne, including a capture of the scammer’s message. The story follows this way:
I made a comment to Justin’s video about the 20 years anniversary. Then, I saw a replay, in YouTube, in which (supposedly Justin, in a short message including his picture) it was said that he had a surprise to me, and asking me to contact him through Telegram, at the address TheJustinGuitar. Of course I was incredibly naif because I contacted him, or her or them and had a short conversation. A bit later I landed…and cut the conversation before falling in the trap. And that was all. As far as I can see, the scammer did not broke the security barriers of my computer and got nothing from me beyond a short lived expectation of some profit. I hope I am being clearer here. If not, please tell me, you have my complete colaboration. If I can manage it…I will include below the screen capture of the scammer’s first message. Best regards, Mario

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Thanks @MarioD