Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond

This is my second video playing on my new Martin Backpacker guitar.


Well done! Great campfire tune.

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Singing sounds great to me. Good job!

I love this. So many musicians get caught up in the whole “I’m a shredder, I’m technically perfect” that they forget about just making people feel good and coming together to sing along. EXCELLENT work!

Wow, you want together and jam?? You know, my little backpacker is a blast to play. I love the sound. I’m working up to jam with bluegrass folks this summer at a campout.

You are so kind, thank you.

This is my second time watching you :wink:

Good stuff again.
Nice travel guitar. At the start I wondered if you could have put the capo a couple of frets higher as it seemed a bit low for your voice, but when the higher notes kicked in later it made sense.
My only advice would be to continue practicing till you know all the chords/lyrics without the music in front of you, esp. if you are going to be in front of a campfire.
Looking into the camera will make you appear much more confident and grab the listeners’ attention.
(Oh yeah, what time is it? :laughing:)

Hello Maidie,
I enjoyed listening to it, and the vocals were really okay :sunglasses:…and everything else the same also what Brian says above, and then it’s ready for the fireplace…
Greetings, Rogier

Hello Madie, I should have left this one for later to watch. That way I could get out the marshmallows and enjoy in front of the fire. Continue practicing this one as Brian says above and you’ve got yourself a fantastic campfire song.

Great, love it. Your little guitar is so cute and it makes a good sound too :smiley:

Hey great campfire song there Maidie. Well played and sung.
I think you should try singing it in a higher register. You’d sound more comfortable and get more volume and expression into your vocal.
Despite what you say, you’ll want to make yourself heard above all the others on your wilderness trip. My (limited) experience of sing-alongs is that after the first verse and chorus of a song which everyone knows, silence descends and you’re on your own because no one knows the words to the other verses! :grinning:

I was interested to see/hear your Martin backpacker. I’ve been looking - on and off - for a travel guitar. This is the first time I’ve heard the backpacker played by an amateur and it sounded pretty good. The online demo videos are all played by experts who can make a brush shaft and a bit of wire sound good!

Great work Maidie. For ‘not a singer’ your singing was really good. Just needs to be a bit louder :slight_smile:

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Very good Maidie, nice performance!
That little Martin sounds way better than I expected it to, looks good too.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, Maidie, that was most enjoyable. Chords, strumming, and changes generally pretty smooth. Singing was just fine, after all we are not auditioning for The Voice. Your voice has a pleasing tone, and really came into your own in the chorus.

I see I’m watching out of sequence. heading right off to listen to the other …

Thanks Jak! I don’t know what a shredder is, but I’m sure I"m not. I do not have dreams of being totally good, I just want to be able to learn and grow and be more comfortable with my strings.
We had a little jam at my cabin a few years back a Uke, harmonica and me on guitar, and a couple of singers. It was my first time, and have never done it again, (with COVID) but it was so much fun!
Have you got any recordings? I’m still pretty new to the community and get a bit lost surfing around, but I’d love to hear yours if you’ve got some.

Well it didn’t take you long to get addicted to posting your performances. Not a bad sound from the guitar what it is…sounds like you’ll plenty of opportunity for some practice. Another lovely performance.

Brian, I really like your feedback, so helpful to think about some different ideas I had not thought of.
OMGoodness, I LOVE the little backpacker, it sounds to me like a mix of Uke and Banjo, which is the twangey kind of stuff I love with bluegrass.
I agree, that learning the chords and words would make all flow better. It just takes time, I’m only a month in. But, I had a thought, that I need to push my self more to not look at the paper and force myself to remember, or figure out the chord. I do this with my GPS, or NAV in the truck. If I don’t have an appointment I try to get to my destination with out it. Leads to some adventures, and finding new areas I’d never been to before!
I know what you mean about looking into the camera. I like it when I’m watching others videos. I’ll work on it.
Thank you again, so very much.

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Rossco, thanks for the listen. I have been working for weeks to get video ready, and then I got my new backpacker guitar, and they are so different. It was a hump I just had to get over, and I’m so glad I did.
You know recording really gives you some good feedback for yourself. I’m going to try to listen to some of your log if I can figure out navigating this community. It’s like being in a foreign city to me… : )

Thanks Roger!! Fireplace sounds great. Could you see our stove in the background? I noticed after I made the video. We still have several inches of snow here.

It’s definitely good to record yourself even if it’s just audio…very good to look back and see how much you’ve improved. I have quite a lot of stuff…not all of it very good…but it’s honest.