Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson Lesson

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No tab available?

Tabs are now in place. :smiley:

Thanks Mal - I was close, but I think I’ll remove my last post to avoid confusion!

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If you’re interested in some of the history of this song pre-Robert Johnson, check out Kokomo Blues about Kokomo, Indiana, originally written by Scrapper Blackwell, the guitarist for Leroy Carr and made famous by Kokomo Arnold. This NPR piece about it is pretty cool! https://knkx.org/jazz-and-blues/2013-11-29/kokomo-blues-among-the-roots-of-sweet-home-chicago

Wow! I’m so stoked and inspired by this lesson!
This is the best Christmas present even though a month late :blush:

Finally some Robert! Awesome. Thanks. How about some more of him or Blind Willie Johnson, perhaps Charley Patton? Cant wait for the intensive course. Hope to see some Delta blues in there.

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