Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson Lesson

Learn to play Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson on JustinGuitar!

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If you’re interested in some of the history of this song pre-Robert Johnson, check out Kokomo Blues about Kokomo, Indiana, originally written by Scrapper Blackwell, the guitarist for Leroy Carr and made famous by Kokomo Arnold. This NPR piece about it is pretty cool! https://knkx.org/jazz-and-blues/2013-11-29/kokomo-blues-among-the-roots-of-sweet-home-chicago

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Wow! I’m so stoked and inspired by this lesson!
This is the best Christmas present even though a month late :blush:

Finally some Robert! Awesome. Thanks. How about some more of him or Blind Willie Johnson, perhaps Charley Patton? Cant wait for the intensive course. Hope to see some Delta blues in there.

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Am I going mad or are there 13 bars in the tab? And it doesn’t follow the standard V IV I V pattern in the last 4 bars?

It’s early though and i haven’t had caffeine yet! :slight_smile:

The written chord chart has that appearance but it is 12-bar and it is V, IV, I, V on the turnaround section. :slight_smile:

Thanks Richard, that is as i thought.

The tab seems to show half a bar of E then half of B in the last bar. Is that due to the turnarounds used?

I’m just getting used to the simpler beginner pattern first hence my confusion over the standard V IV I V finish in the last 4 bars.



Does anyone have a Guitar Pro file for this song? I’ve tried creating one myself but it’s a bit beyond my skills at the moment. I could download a file from the GP site but I’d prefer Justin’s version so I can play along with it using the GP features of slowing the tempo etc…



Sharing the tab publicly is against copyright. :frowning: I disagree that a copyright this old should still be held, but that is a different topic.

Justin has the tab for this. I subscribe to his tabs so I see it on the lesson page. If you get the tab, then you could just play along with Justin in the intro and not a GP file to play with.

I agree this tab would be hard to create in a few places. I hear something different than I see on his tab - specifically the flourish he covers in detail between the E/A shuffle changes. You can slow his lesson down and probably get it ironed out. The timing is a bit rough to see and hear for me. I do think it is fair to ask for guidance for short section and that may get you past a trouble spot building your own GP file.