Sympathy - Goo Goo Dolls

Let’s make a debut on a new platform :grinning: Nice little song with odd little tuning, little challenge for your pinky but it’s a fun one to learn! For those who didn’t see latest OM5 or just want to relisten :blush:


Thanks for sharing!
I think I didn’t hear that one before.

Solid playing and, in most places, steady singing as well; you have a good voice with a nice range.

Tuning of the vocals went a bit wobbly in the middle but nothing to worry about; it has more to do with sitting down and using the right support. The higher and more powerful parts were steady so I know it’s not a real issue :smiley:

Thanks Lieven, always appreciate constructive feedback to learn where I can improve. I guess it also doesn’t help that I turn my head around like an owl so sometimes mouth is getting to far away from the mic! Sometimes the urge is too strong to look at where my fingers are and where those need to go next :grinning: all the best.

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Even better the second time around, Ade :slightly_smiling_face:
Love the pendulum action of your strumming arm- like clockwork!

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Great cover Adi, good you got the levels sorted. Well done. :sunglasses:

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Good job Adi,
Nice play and vox. Seems you are getting settled in as I see more stuff on the walls!

Keep on a rock’n,

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Thanks LBro, yes slowly but surely getting there. Still trying to play around with recording setup but almost on the finish line (for now)! :sweat_smile:

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Well done Adrian! You’ve been steadily improving since OM1, I feel like taking the leap to start performing live gave you that extra drive and I hope it will serve to inspire others to join in on the fun. Great job man, I really mean it!

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That was great, Adrian! Looks like a very interesting tuning, I love the sound.

Thanks you guys appreciate it! :blush:

Great cover Adi. I wasn’t familiar with the original so listened to that first. You are pretty much spot on with that both in terms of playing and phrasing for the vocal. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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It is indeed wonderful stuff. Nice playing, great chord changing and sweet vocals.

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That’s great, Adrian. Terrified by those chords using the little finger! Loved the sound of the section ascending on the bass strings.

I had commented on this on the old forum, but wanted to give you a shout out here, as well. Nicely played and sung in a relaxed and pleasant performance. Good job!

I agree with you about head movement when singing. And with Lieven about the breath support issues involved in singing while sitting down and playing guitar. But you have a good voice and those are relatively minor things: just good to be aware of them so you can keep them in mind.

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Thank you all for nice comments :slight_smile: Jason very good piece of advice which I am taking onboard and will work on those before the next recording :slight_smile: all the best.