Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth. Rhythm Guitar Cover

Hello there :wave:.

How are you all doing? I’m here to share a new AVOYP with you. After a couple of videos performing nice and sweet blues, it’s time to go back to my roots. And I’m more than happy of being able to play the rhythm guitar of Symphony Of Destruction.

This is a song that has been with me since I was 16 years old. With this song, I discovered Megadeth, which is among my top 3 favorite bands. Funny thing is that I decided to make this my next AVOYP a month ago, and yesterday Megadeth announced that they’ll be in Spain by August 2023. So the timing is perfect :blush:.

The quality of the video is a bit poor since with the heat waves we are facing here, at 5 pm we have to close every window and pull the blinds down.

Hope you enjoy and any feedback will be appreciated

PS: If anyone is interested, I used this backing track

And I learned the song with this guitar365 lesson


Very cool Edgar! Nice clean riffs, good tone, confident playing style, you are obviously having a good time. I enjoyed your lip syncing too :smiley:

I am not familiar with the song but your timing sounded pretty solid to me. Well done.

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Pretty awesome dude! Absolute metal. Lip syncing was cool as well!

Love the multicam thing you do as well. I need to give that a go some time. Makes the video more interesting.

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Well done, Edgar, a fine production all round. Lots of good technique, rhythm, tone.

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Nicely played Edgar and great guitar tones!
Muting was good, didn’t hear any timing issues, great stuff :metal::metal::metal:

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Awesome song, awesome cover. Loved the tone you used as well!

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Awesome cover man! Symphony of Destruction is one of my favorites of Megadeth together with Holy wars.
Loved the tone as well.

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Hi Edgar,
Well your playback is not the best , there was a lot more singing i hear :roll_eyes: … But it looked good and nice that you did this :wink: … And your guitar tone was solid rock, :sunglasses: :clap: …and nice and tight … well done man…It was a pleasure to watch and listen to,

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Nicely played with great tones Edgar. Well done.

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Hombre, you had me going there- I thought that was you singing at the beginning :laughing:
Once again, you get a superb tone out of that guitar.
The heat suits you :sunglasses: :fire: :metal:

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Great stuff Edgar I love how quickly you develop as a player, your rhythm and groove are SOLID! Well done

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That was excellent Edgar, some really rock right there. Sounded spot on to me. :metal:

Nice bit of lip syncing as well. :+1:

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Thank you all @direvus , @jkahn , @DavidP, @DarrellW , @alexisduprey, @subject_rc , @roger_holland , @sairfingers , @brianlarsen , @adi_mrok for dedicating the time to listen and comment :metal::guitar:. The support and kind words are really appreciated :blush:

Yeah, it is a song that is just in my zone. I love it and it isn’t too hard to play at my current level. I’m trying to look less at the fretboard and try to feel the music more.

I didn’t even know it has a name, “lip syncing”. In Spanish, we don’t have one for it. The closest translation I can think of is “to pretend you’re singing”.

It came naturally while playing because I know this song pretty well. And I always enjoy playing Megadeth :metal:.

Is pretty easy and has a great result, as you said. I’m using a reflex and my tablet for recording. Some times I even use my laptop webcam if the light is good. Which wasn’t the case :sweat_smile:

Probably Dave Mustaine (singer, composer and former Metallica member) wouldn’t be happy… but I used the same tone that I used for Metallica :sweat_smile:.

Bridge pickup and engl amp on my profiler

Yeah :metal:, Holy Wars would be a blast to play, but a totally different league and out of my reach right now :sweat_smile:

I’ll try to fix it for the next one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Believe me, I prefer the winter :joy:. But thanks :blush:

Hello there Adri, that means a lot coming from you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. As you know, there’s no secret, I’m playing every single day 1hour + the lessons with Richard. This reminds me of a joke from programming, that applies perfectly to guitar :joy:


And thank you to @SgtColon as well :blush:

The forum don’t allow me to mention more than 10 people :sweat_smile:

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That was brilliant - loved it!

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Really nice cover - sounds just as good as the album version to me.

I used to listen to Megadeth none stop as a teenager. Their songs are fun but some are probably impossible for me to play. Sounds like you’re capable though!

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Thank you, Tom :metal:

Thank you lewis :blush:. Still not happy 100% with the tone I get while palm-muting, though. This is something to work on

The only one I felt capable of was this one, the others I’m not even going to try :joy:. I’d love to learn Tornado of souls, though. Some day :guitar::metal:

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Wow Edgar!!!
You sure its just the backing track and not whole record you are playin there?? :rofl:
Impressive how far you reached.

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Thank you Trond! :metal:

I promise the rhythm guitar was me, and the solo wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Rumil Man, that is some heavy duty playing and tones you’ve got going on here. Sounding very, very good!! Now you just need to get a mic. We can see you’ve got it in you. Enjoyed that a lot, Edgar. Really well done.

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