T-o-u-c-h of J. J

A little improvisation approximating J.J. Cale to close out the year:


I have no idea who JJ Cale is, but that was enjoyable CT. Had a nice groove to it.

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Thanks for the comment, Mike! I think the appreciation for J.J. is regional and/or generational.

Writing this comment while listening to your track. Well, this is definitely a tasty jam to close off the year Clint! Thank you for sharing!

My favourite thing about JJ Cale is that he learnt the art of recording first and then started producing his own records and making them sound exactly the way he wanted.

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Happy New Year @glpguitar , and thanks for the listen and nice comment!

Very cool, Clint; I definitely get the J.J. Cale vibe. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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What a terrific way to close the year Clint. That was great, I loved it. JJ is/was just so good! You captured his vibe beautifully.

Happy New Year to you my friend.

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I posted a reply about 10 minutes ago but it did show up.
Clint, very cool stuff there. Loved the sounds of your guitar and playing.

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Very nice Clint, got the JJ vibe nice tones and recording! Good stuff :+1:

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Definitely got JJ vibe going. Always enjoy a bit of Cale.

Any chance you will get into slide and entertain us with some Ry Cooder?

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Great job, Clint - you really captured that JJ groove. Beautiful guitar, too.

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Cale was a bit of a recluse, did not want the spotlight. You almost certainly know some of the songs he wrote though - After Midnight and Cocaine that Clapton made popular, They Call Me the Breeze that Lynyrd Skynyrd made big. His own versions are different from the more “popular” versions, and have a distinctive laid back groove.

(Edited to correct spelling of Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Excellent job Clint. Definitely feeling the jj vibe. Most enjoyable jam

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Pure JJC feel for sure. Great end of year share Clint. :sunglasses:

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You can definitely hear JJ’s original in the Skynyrd version. They just had more guitarists, than one geezer on his tod ! :rofl:

Dang it, I knew I was spelling Skynyrd wrong!

Thanks JWC! J.J. Cale hugely influenced Eric Clapton, and others I’m sure. Early on in my lead playing journey I got a couple of comparisons to J.J.'s style which sent me on a deeper dive into his body of work. I’m not sure if the comparison was/is accurate, but it’s a high bar to rise toward.

Super cool comment, Gordon! Greatly appreciated.

Thanks, OH! Happy New Year. :slight_smile:

Thanks DW! This was my first time using three cameras. I think that some Adobe movie editing software might be in my future. iMovie was a bit clunky for what I wanted to do here.