Taylor Swift Is Bigger Than The Beatles!? 🤣

Interesting video from Mr B, discuss.


Here’s the problem with the Beatles. Paul blocks content on youtube so nobody except old Beatles fans listen to them any more. The average Beatles fan is in their late 60s and will be dead soon. The average Taylor Swift fan is under 20 so she have another 40+ year to blow the Beatles away.

Rick Beato did a video not to long ago about the Beatles becoming irrelevant. On one of his videos someones says old music is getting older and new music is getting newer. So the question should be is Taylor Bigger than the Beatles? it should be how long before the Beatles disappear?

I’m not a swifty but I also not a Beatles fan.


Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner
Yes watched it and had only been uploaded 10 sec before so might have been one of the firsts, do a get a gold star.
I thought it was very interesting and agreed with my view of things.
As time moves along not sure it is appreciated how innovative the Beatles were.

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Thanks :rofl:

Good job I’m also not a fan per se but obviously grew up with their music and enjoyed it at the time.

This was a light the touch paper and run post and I look forward to some interesting replies. From past comments you may know I ain’t Swifty either, too old but still breathing.


I’m only a couple years behind you Toby. :headstone:

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I know we had ‘the last Beatles song’ recently but no they are not very relevant today, that’s not a surprise really is it?

They broke up over 50 years ago. Sure their music is good but…

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Rich @stitch
I am old enough to have lived through with Beatles from the start and loved it at the time, do I listen to any of their records now, not really. I had to force myself to included some of there songs in my repertoire learnt or to learn, not sure what that shows?

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I can’t help but be reminded of the uproar caused by John Lennon saying the Beatles were more popular than a certain religious icon.


I was 4 years old when the Beatles played the Ed Sullivan and by the time I was old enough to buy Records they had already broke up and weren’t played on the radio anymore. So they have never been part of my musical taste.

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Interesting video!

I agree with 99% of Rick’s take here. I wasn’t born until a little over a year after John Lennon was killed. However, the Beatles music was some of the first music I listened to as my parents were big fans and always played their music around the house. I have always been a huge fan. Now that I play guitar and have started writing my own music, I think I have gained an even bigger appreciation for their music and how innovative they were at the time. I feel like if the Beatles music is going to live on, it will be with people sharing their music with the next generation.

I am not a Swifty in the slightest :laughing: I can only listen to her music for short periods of time before wanting to shut it off. It’s not that she is not talented, it’s just not my style. My 13 year old daughter likes some of her songs, but also has been listening to the Beatles since she was little. While I can certainly see why others like TS, how popular she has gotten has always kind of been baffling to me :laughing:


Plenty of time for Swiftys to discover Beatles later in life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Taste changes, I wouldn’t bet she will be relevant even close to Beatles in 40 years.


Rick @stitch
I was nine in 1962 and just taking an interest in music and I remember my mother who was musical saying you need to listen to this group they are going to big, ok so perhaps not in those exact words but that is what she meant and she was right!

What does relevant mean anyway?

That they aren’t popularly listened to as much now has no bearing on the influence they had on music at the time. Swifties probably have little idea how her music has grown out of the innovation of the Beatles and other musicians of history.


Nobody I know is listening to that music. I do think more people know who she is because of the internet and media.

Did you what the video? Rick explains in the video how simple the instrumental tracks are that she write over and how complex some of the Beatles music is. I’d say her music is more looper based than anything the Beatles ever wrote.

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Cultural impact of the Beatles - Wikipedia.
“the Beatles… are commonly regarded as the foremost and most influential band in popular music history.”
Some folk obviously don’t agree :wink:


Influential sure, the band themselves? No. No new music (duh) and you’ll only hear them on radio etc of you go looking for them

Plenty of bands and musicians from history are influential but few of them are themselves still relevant today.

I’ll add I grew up in Liverpool and saw Paul McCartney live a few months ago, my mum is a massive fan and Lennon/McCartney are probably the best pop song writing duo ever, and modern pop music is mostly garbage but still…

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Relevant - appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest.

Just so we are talking about the same thing.

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I dunno, it depends what you mean by relevant.
If you look at the community, there are far more people learning Beatles songs than TS.
(Tbh, I don’t think I’d recognise one). Nothing against the lady or her music and good on her for becoming so popular. I’d be surprised if her music is still popular in 50 years.
Good ol’ Mozart & Beethoven are still relevant today in my book. :smiley:
Maybe living on Merseyside makes me biased :roll_eyes:


And you really think this community is representative of the population as a whole?

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