TC-Helicon Play Acoustic

Got a new toy. Decided to get an all-in-one pedal for both recording and live gigs. So I went for the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic. So far I am very impressed with it. The preset vocal FX are amazing but I am still playing around with the guitar FX to best suit my Maton with the AP5 pro pre amp and pickup.
I was wondering if there are any other Justineer’s who have experience with this pedal and who can pass on some wisdom and experience.

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Hello @RonG !!

I don’t have that pedal, and I haven’t really messed around with pedals too much yet, but I will attach the pedal that several local musicians have recommended to me that can service as an “”all in one pedal”. It looks like it has a lot of the same options as yours!

I’m curious to see what you think of your new purchase down the road! Have fun!


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Oh I considered that one for a while

Try getting a bit of reverb on both your vocal and guitar (plate/subtle hall)
Mix in a tiny bit of those automatic harmonies that listen to your chords to sing with you in harmony. Start reaaaalll soft on them.

I’ve been experimenting this week with running my Maton and vocals through a multieffect and as suspected, I didn’t have to do much to the base sound of the Maton. adding a bit of reverb sweetens both vocal and guitar though. I always prefer short “hall” for both or hall/plate for vocals combinations.

From what I read, it can work as a usb interace as well, making it a cool recording tool as well!

gonna be fun! :smiley:

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I think the all in one route for performing as you do has much to commend it, Ron.

Unlike you I am not ready to go out gigging but I did treat myself to a Play Acoustic anyway :laughing:

Once I had that pedal I changed my approach for making my home play-and-sing videos and participating in Community OMs. Now I play and sing through the PA into OBS with no post-processing required.

Can’t share too much wisdom, but my experience has been positive and supports what Lieven shared. I found that BodyRez did improve the sound of my acoustic plugged-in, though guess YMMV on that, subject to quality of the on-board electronics.

I’ve tweaked the guitar sound over time and have something that sounds good now, based on Community feedback in OMs and AVOYPs. My approach is to make it subtle so that the guitar sounds better but there are no obvious fx.

Did much the same with the vocal. I’ve found the doubling works well, plus reverb and delay. Again done with the lightest of touches, just enough to improve but not be too obvious.

But that is a matter of taste and from our conversations in your AVOYP posts, you’ll know well what my preferences are.

Have fun with the pedal and I am sure that you’ll find it delivers good results and beats having to take a pedal board to a gig.

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Thx for the feedback and link Travis.
I will check it out.
I will keep the group updated on my journey with this new pedal as I post AVOYP videos going forward and from any live gigs I do.


Hi Lieven,
Thank you for the suggestions. I will give them a go as I experiment.
So far I have found a couple of really nice presets for two songs I am learning at the moment. Africa by Toto and Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House. It comes with 111 presets and you can down load up to 500 I believe.
It is fun already :smile:

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Hi David,
You sure have some gear in that music room of yours.
Thank you for the tips from your experience.
I am still not fully happy with guitar FX but bodyrez is an area to get into as well.
I am hoping to post my first effort with the pedal soon on AVOYP.

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