Technicolour v2 0

This is an update (v2.0) of my prior version which is here. This vocal is a lot more stable on this version, but to do so I had to slow the tempo… so sorry it’s a minute longer. I’m pleased more so with this version, it seems more of a completed piece than v1.0.

Regards all.


Thanks Lee that was very nice I enjoyed that.

I don’t recall your v1 of this Lee so can’t compare but found this very enjoyable. The tempo suits it imo.

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Hi Lee,

that was an enjoyable listen. :+1: :clap:

I recall the first version and agree: It sounds more wholesome with the slower tempo and even though it’s quite long now, it’s having enough interest to not just float away or get boring. At least for me. :slight_smile: So dropping the tempo really suits the piece and the story it’s telling.

Thanks for re-sharing! :smiley:

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Well that was a nice laid back journey. Nice lyrics and well sung. Liked the 70s style video as well. My only suggestion would be to vary the strumming pattern a little here and there. It works well but with such a long song it felt a little repetitive for me but a minor point on a really good production, so take that with a pinch of salt. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for your feedback Amanda, Lisa and Toby, glad you all found it enjoyable. I agree at 6 minutes 40 seconds, it does make for an overly long piece and I could have ended after the second chorus, but I wanted to keep the instrumental outro, as I felt it came up so well. Especially as the lead guitar was the first take I did and was just improvised, I hadn’t sat and tabbed it before hand and gone back and tabbed it since. I agree with your comment Toby about using different strumming patterns, I need to work on varying this in my playing.

Thank you again for your comments, much appreciated.


Howdy cobber!
There are a couple of chord progressions in this song that are fantastic. Firstly, in the bridge: F - Fm - Dm - G/G7; then the chorus (which is in the key of C), the introduction of Gm is a delightful surprise to the ear, and when coupled with the lyrics “and our dreams”, conveys a wonderful dreamy, retrospective feeling. I also love the low hums in the chorus - a great addition.

I love the video effect of travelling through time and seeing the photo memories floating in your consciousness - at least that’s what it looked like to me.

Good stuff.

PS I think the movie I was trying to recall was ‘Amistad’ - not Amadeus.

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Thank you Andrew. Yeah, I threw the hums in at the last moment as I thought the outro need a lift. Even so, they didn’t seem to be as loud as the mp3 file. It perhaps has lost something when added to the video soundtrack. You’re a fine judge of musical artistry!!