Tequila Sunrise by Eagles Lesson

Learn to play Tequila Sunrise by Eagles on JustinGuitar!

View the full lesson at Tequila Sunrise by Eagles | JustinGuitar


Justin has necessarily removed all songs written or co-written by Don Henley.

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I can’t open the TAB for this song.

Video is not opening for me.

Edit. It’s working now!

I can open the video, but there’s no tab or chords

Great song btw, and looks like a great lesson. This is a really good song for practicing getting the guitar on automatic, the strumming pattern is tough to sing along with otherwise.

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The song was posted a little over an hour ago. Give it time.

Video works fine on my PC and I watched it right after it was posted.

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Has this been removed? Can’t find it on youtube, either!

Welcome to the forum Pete. Unfortunately Don Henley has forced Justin to remove all songs he has written or co-written. The none Henley Eagle songs are still available. You can read about it in this thread Don Henley/Eagles Song Lessons Removed