Don Henley/Eagles Song Lessons Removed

This Monday, September 18, we had to remove all the lessons on songs Don Henley wrote. We received a copyright strike on my Main Channel for a short cover clip, and we can’t risk my channels being closed because of his strikes. :frowning: He wrote most of the great Eagles songs, so we had to remove from YouTube and the website the songs Hotel California, Desperado, and Tequila Sunrise.

We apologize to everyone learning to play these songs - it’s out of my control, but we’ll look for solutions to put them back in a way that doesn’t jeopardize my YouTube Channels. :frowning:


It’s the legal eagles and they are notorious for it.

Thanks for the announcement @Laryne.

There are millions of great songs in the world that Justin can teach and people can learn but hey, people like The Eagles too.
It’s such a shame.


Well, what a surprise. Who woulda thought the Eagles, and particularly Henley, would have done that. He’s such a petty character. Sure he’s gotta protect his music, but he goes way over the top.

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Doesn’t surprise me. What a narrow-minded mindset of an artist… I honestly respect people’s intellectual property - but people love those songs, that’s why they learn and play them, should be an honour for Henley and something to be proud of…

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Aaa, 2 places available again in my lesson bar with songs for now :blush:
The more people want to learn your song, the more often they listen to it and that is good for their income, I will send my friend Don an email :smile:

The Eagels police strikes again :smiling_face_with_tear:

Greetings all,and have fun with everything else :sunglasses:

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what is your youtube channel? :thinking:

Such a shame he takes this attitude. Of course he has to protect his copyright but I don’t think any of us are about to deprive him of his income! :grin:

If I’d written all those marvellous songs and made a fortune from them, I’d be delighted if people learning to play guitar were using them.


I understand protecting your copyright and what is your.
However the highest form of flattery is imitation and if people that love there music and want to learn and play it.
But if he would rather see his legacy fade and decay so be it. Look at what Rick Breto said about the serial blockers slowly disappearing from Spotify because people no longer can play or repeat without it being taken down.

As others have said find songs and artist that are grateful to know people want to lean and play such great music

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Oh no! Justin’s lesson for Desperado is so good, I really got a lot out of it and still enjoy playing that song often.

I hope this incredible resource can be available for other learners again some time in the future.

Apparently he likes to complain about the cost of employing people to execute his over-the-top, zero-tolerance enforcement policy.

I get the impression that, if he could, he would employ people to visit every bar and live music venue in the world to stop people playing his songs and to spoil the enjoyment of those listening.

The way I look at it: If an ignorant, bitter old man doesn’t want the world to hear his music then so be it. There’s plenty of other great written by more enlightened and rational people.




I just googled Don Henley net worth
250 million dollars.
No wonder he can’t let people use his music for free.
Well it’s a pity , but plenty of other songs to learn.

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This is quite sad and disappointing.

Perhaps it’s just silly me, but I don’t understand the reasons for decisions like this one. I’ve always thought that it is some kind of love, honour and appreciation for artists when their songs are being played and people even want to learn them. And it keeps these great classic songs in the minds (and hearts) of listeners and fans. Even following generations may discover these gems by learning to play them.
That’s a great chance missed here to keep these classic songs alive and loved.
Maybe the Eagles and their wonderful songs will be forgotten or much less well known in a few years? That would be very sad, too :disappointed_relieved:

But let’s stay positive here: There still are 739 great tutorials left :smiley: :+1:

PS: Dear Justin, if I’ll pass all grades of your course one day and become a famous musician and songwriter, please feel free to do tutorials for all of my songs! :wink:



But it’s also a great chance to market these songs to new generations.

Which will, in the long run, make more money for them.



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I don’t play any Eagles songs, but I really appreciate that Justin’s organization is starting to be pro-active in communicating these issues to the users.

The frustration that comes when a beloved song - that you are in the middle of learning, or wish to return to some day - just disappears with no notice or explanation…is very real.

I realize that the Songs app is managed by a different team, but I hope we will get similar notices going forward.

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Hoping I don’t offend anyone with this as I DO UNDERSTAND that the Eagles are loved by many millions around the world. But, frankly, if I NEVER hear these three songs again I will STILL be able to sing every word of each them by heart. When I left the US in 1992 I had already heard each of theses songs thousands and thousands of times on commercial radio. I’d had enough Eagles to last me a lifetime. . .and I was only 24 at the time. . .my father used to say that Neil Young had more talent in his lttle finger than all the eagles put together. . .anyway. I AM SORRY for those in the process of learning these songs. I certainly have no sympathy for Mr. Henley or his Beagles.

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Certainly not singing talent!


So I guess performing Eagles numbers at OM and livestreams is to be deprecated, since to be safe they’d have to be edited out of the YT video?


If memory serves me right we dodged the bullet for a few months before the CR flag went up on an Eagles cover @adi_mrok then edited the video (I think?) There has been another since which I am not sure has been flagged yet again via Adi’s channel. Now we are using Justin’s Community YouTube channel for posting OMs videos, I don’t think we can take any chances for the sake of protecting his business. Its a funny old world !

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Hmmmmm… :thinking:
Long Run…
Might be a good song title…
Oh wait! It is! It’s an Eagles tune!!!

I used to hurry a lot
I used to worry a lot
I used to stay out 'til the break of day

Oh, that didn’t get it
It was high time I quit it
I just couldn’t carry on that way

Oh, I did some damage
I know it’s true

Maybe Mr. Henly

shoud pay more attention to his own music before taking it away from the rest of the world!

Very well said @Gunhild ! I feel the same way - you said it perfectly!

A lot of misguided souls out there these days…
This kind of feeling has been around for Centuries. William Shakespear had a character in Henry VI, Dick the Butcher, who said “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” - not that I’d ever advocate such a thing, it just is an indicator of how people sometimes feel about litigation.

My 2 cents…


Good question.
I shall make enquiries.