The 1-to-1 Sessions

The 1-to1 Sessions …

A thread for competition winners and Community Award recipients to offer the story of their experience having had a one-to-one online lesson with Justin.

Originally hosted in the JustinGuitar Forum here: The 1-to1 Sessions ...

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Hi everyone, hope everything’s going well in the justinguitar community …

Haven’t been on the forum in a while but i thought i’d swing by and share my experience with Justin. Close2u asked me to do it a while back and I completely forgot about it

The skype lesson wasn’t really a lesson I guess, more like a conversation.

We didn’t actually talk about how to play the guitar that much because I wanted his advice on teaching. I’ve been playing for ten years and started teaching two years ago, so I figured I needed more help in that area.

He gave me some advice on teaching rythm and we both agreed on the fact that rythm is key when you’re a musician, but it’s also very tricky to explain and teach. You can teach the mathematical theory behind it like how to divide a bar and how to ‘‘remove’’ or ‘‘add’’ notes in a rythm pattern but the ‘‘groove’’ is hard to describe, and you can’t teach something that you’re having trouble defining yourself. It’s more absctract and personal than mathematical I guess… I’ve spent more and more time on rythm with my students since then but now i feel comforted by the fact that I’m not the only one struggling with this aspect of teaching music :wink:

One of the main advice that Justin gave me during the session was that it is really important to define stages in the student’s progression and he suggested that i went on his website to see which songs he taught for each stage, especially in the beginner’s section. He said I could use the website as a reference, and I thank him for that. The website is great for learning how to play but I also find it great as a teacher because it’s well organised. It’s like a roadmap for me now.

Anyway, thank you Justin for your dedication as a teacher, I’ve been using the website for ten years now and will continue to do so, as long as you keep teaching Neil Young tunes :)[/quote]

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