The Amazon app store

The app in the Amazon app store is just a non functional advert.
The kindle tablet peeves download from elsewhere.
Is there any chance that Amazon will carry the proper fully functioning app in the near future as an older person I would prefer I think a 10 inch screen rather than the much smaller phone screen.

Are you meaning the beginner app?
If so, I believe the only two places to purchase it are the app stores for iOS / Android respectively.
And I believe it does / should play on a tablet not just a phone.
Go here (not Amazon) for the links to buy.
Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

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If you attempt to download from anywhere other than the Amazon app store it just goes there anyway. I will have to Google how to get around this but I thought Amazon would prevent.
So having in the Amazon app store would be easier.
I have managed without so far, but would like to try it but preferably not on a tiny phone screen.

Can the Kindle Tablet use Android or Apple apps?
I don’t think they will and I don’t think there is an app for Kindle.

You may be able to use your TV if you have a Samsung smart TV but don’t quote me on that.

Kindle tablets run Android apps, but they don’t come with access to the Play store by default (only the Amazon Apps store, which has a smaller selection of apps). It is possible to install the Play store so that other apps can be installed, but it does require some work. Googling ‘install play store on fire tablet’ will bring up some instructions.

Why does the Amazon app storE have a non functioning JustinGuitar app that appears to be an advert for it, rather than having the actual functioning app ?

If I had seen this app in the Amazon app store before finding the web site, I would probably be enrolled with GuitarTricks now instead.

@GeoffMolyneux I tried to emulate this but I just couldn’t find it.
Can you try to go back where you saw that and post a link, screenshot or exact steps how to get there?

If I search “JustinGuitar” there is nothing returned in Amazon app store.

if I search for “Guitar” and scroll down a bit, there it is.

I “Uninstalled” the version I downloaded in I think November and downloaded again.

Still completely non functional.

I am enjoying the website and would have loved the larger screen on Kindle fire as I do not have a TV where I practice to screen share from the phone.

Hi Geoff,

Are you talking about this app made by a developer called “QUICKCAST LTD” (Link to fake app) ?

I have never heard of this developer. I’m afraid this is not a JustinGuitar official app.

The official app developer is called Musopia. If you want to run the real official app on your tablet, gsix14’s advice seems to be the best solution.

Looks like the one…

I got the app on my phone. Using browser on Kindle to run lessons and the app to play along with…

very different and harder in some ways than using a metronome when you get half a beat ahead…

Good I think to use not to look at fretting hand constantly as need to look at app.

Trying to change chords without looking a bit when using app…

Does Justin want to leave this so on Amazon as some free advertising or would be want to get Amazon to take it down?

Or get the proper official app into the Amazon app store ?