The End - Pearl Jam

Hello my Dear Friends! Wow it’s only my second video on a new platform, shocking and embarrassing but I promise - eventually I will catch up :smiley:

Now this one is a last song on Pearl Jam’s album called Backspacer. This was actually the song that brought me into listening to the famous Seattle band in my teens. I remember my dad was really into the album that featured this nicely hidden gem at the end of the album and somehow it dragged me so heavily into Mr Vedder and Co. which actually was The Beginning of my Pearl Jam journey (pun intended)!

Recording wise - usual setup, no fireworks here. On production side - a bit of EQ playaround, small amount of reverb and I boosted bass a bit, something I did second time in a row, again on a PJ song. It just sounded nicer to my ears, but happy to hear from you guys and as usual - don’t mind putting some critique in, I will take it! :slight_smile:


Really nice work Adi. You’ve polished this enough so it shines, but you haven’t taken the life out of it. There’s a warmth and human-ness in your playing and your singing. I especially love your vocal when you go up through your break into head voice, this changes the emotional impact and the texture in a way that I find very appealing.

I only have good words, so you’ll have to look for someone else for a critique.

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Love that you tackled this song. Sounds great. Been listening to Pearl Jam lately. So what a coincidence that this came up!

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Caught this and commented first on YT, Adrian. Super impressive playing and singing!

All I can say in addition, my friend, is that you’ve nothing to be embarrassed about here in the Community. Share recordings as and when you make them (it’s always a treat) and keep contributing all your insight and encouragement (always valuable and appreciated).

Now I am sitting back with anticipation as I think about what you may share with us at the OM next week … whoa … next week

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Super impressive Adi. I’m not familiar with the original song but i’ll be adding it to my playlist now on the strength of your performance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow you have a great vocal, very similar to David Gilmour. Keep up the good work

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Very good Adi, you made it your own, Eddy Vedder is a very hard act to follow, I think that you made a decent job of it - keep ‘em coming buddy! :clap::clap::clap:

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You always provide good value Adrian.
I must be one of the few people on the planet who has never listened to a Pearl Jam album. So many artists slipped under my radar over the years. This sort of fingerstyle ballad is right in your ball park. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

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Let’s start a club, Richard :grin: I may have listened to one once, along with others from the 90s just to sample (like Nirvana) but generally find myself going back to the music I know and love. Really has to be special to grab me and become something I listen to regularly.

Apologies for the brief hijack Adrian. I’ll mosey off to take in some more Allman Brothers :wink:

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Thank you Maggie your comments are always full of support and can make any person feel a lot better about themselves, you are a shining star of this Community :blush:


Thanks Joe glad you know the song and are into the PJ! Hope to see you covering one of their songs soon :wink:

Thanks David I saw your comment on youtube, you are always a student that pays most attention to what is happening around in the classroom :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the reason only 2 songs so far I recorded and posted on new Community is that I usually tackle a few songs at once so naturally it takes time to get them all over the line. However very often all are delivered at the same time but the rest I will be keeping for the next weekend - they are still limping around a bit but hopefully will get there now I recorded this one.

And to add to that if I was learning one song only all the time I would definitely got bored by the time I finish it, honestly Justin’s advice about having 3 types of songs to practice was groundbreaking for me!

Oh and I don’t mind hijacking a thread, maybe we are called Community now but it is still a forum :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: all the best

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Thanks Tim, glad you enjoyed it that much so you will look into the original. It’s really worth it, Eddie has a unique voice which ine can only dream of!

Thanks Steve, such a compliment but embarrassingly enough I have still never managed to listen in depth to David’s music, perhaps a sign I should finally do it!

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Great stuff Darrell thanks, I agree Eddie is hard act to follow and I have a song lined up on my wishlist for one day which might embarrass myself in front of others!

Don’t worry Richard I haven’t listened to so many classics which you guys all did and sometimes when someone is posting something I never heard of which everyone seemed to know already I just realize that I probably won’t ever be able to catch up with all! :pleading_face:

Thanks for the listen Richard always appreciated!

Can I join the club too? 90’s music. What’s that! :wink:

That was terrific Adrian. As you may have guessed, I’ve not heard the song before but I enjoyed your version. Lovely fingerstyle on display and your vocal was really good. Lots of high notes but you hit them. Well done.


Another fine listen, Adrian. Well done!

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Thanks Gordon, trust me took some practice to get those notes on the spot, but all in all looks I managed to do it and you wonderful folks enjoyed it! :heart:

Thanks Robert! Aplreciate you giving it a listen :wink: