"The humility required to continue is sometimes unbearable."

Here’s an article about a woman who picked up her son’s piano lessons in her mid-40s. I think a lot of us older learners can relate to this.

Opinion: When my son stopped piano, I took over his lessons. Here’s how that went


This line stood out for me:

Mastering a skill is satisfying, but surrendering to a beginner’s mind-set can be life-changing.

Thanks for sharing the article!


A few years ago, I made a major change away from a high expertise in my field to a variation that pretty much made me nearly a beginner for many aspects of the new job.

What I found was that I no longer had the need to show my peers that I knew what I was doing and was more than happy to ask questions that showed my ignorance. If I had been able to do that when I was young, my growth would have been far faster.

Growth from living usually shows us that we do not need to prove we know more than we really do. The authors statement that is was “nearly unbearable” shows they have much more growth available!


Starting to learn a musical instrument later in life is 10 times more challenging than it would be if we were in our teens. The hardest part is to accept the fact that we are at a disadvantage compared to your younger selves.

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Also agreed but also the regret of not starting sooner. One of those what if moments.

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Yeah, for me, too. If only may parents had gotten me the real guitar I wanted and not that plastic toy when I was a kid. I’d be playing on stage with Clapton and all the other old fogies now… :crazy_face:

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I try to remind myself that I could have started playing guitar anytime in my life.

But, I didn’t.

Those weren’t the times for me to do that.

This is the time.

It all good. No regrets.


I have a huge advantage over my younger self in terms of patience, self-knowledge, understanding of the learning process, time to practice, money for lessons and equipment, etc. etc.


Ditto this. I could have picked up a guitar earlier but either didn’t have the inclination or when I did previously try I didn’t have the mindset required. Sure it would great if I had 20+ years of playing under my belt now but I don’t. Regret is largely wasted mental energy. If you don’t like a choice you made in life and you can fix it then maybe do so… and if you can’t (or don’t want to) then just move forward.


Yup, there were literally decades I went without even thinking about learning guitar. This just turned out to be the right time.

Heck, if I had tried earlier, I might even have quit for whatever reason and never come back!

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I saw a kid walk out of Guitar Center with his dad this past weekend. The kid was about 12. I saw them earlier in there and he’d just picked out a black and white Squier. As they walked past my car, I beamed inside with thoughts of how good that kid will be in just a couple of years and how amazing he’ll be when he’s my age. To be a dumb kid again (dumb, in that kids don’t know what the pain of self criticism feels like or how comparison is the thief of joy). I know this for a fact because I learned piano without comparing myself to even myself. Funny thing, I still don’t compare myself to anyone or anything having to do with piano. I just play what and when I want to play. I learned in ignorant bliss and I still live there with that instrument. Why guitar is such a different experience, I don’t know.


Problem is that the “if” train already left :slight_smile: . If there is any regret, or rather sad realisation, I never be as half as good as those who play I admire. What I can do is to be happy playing as me.


Thanks for sharing the article. I’m very grateful Music and Guitar came to me at this stage/age as they’re much improving the quality of my life!

Only…such a pity I’ll never be able to play Capricho Arabe by F. Tarrega :joy:

“Still, it requires a steady reminder that it’s hard, becoming ourselves.”
Opinion: When my son stopped piano, I took over his lessons. Here's how that went.

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"The best time to plant a tree is 50 years ago.

The second best time to plant a tree is today"

Ditto for guitar. You can’t change the past.


You don’t want to plant a guitar, it won’t grow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just kidding of course, you’re spot on

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