The Labyrinth Song · Asaf Avidan (cover)

I binge-watched a German sci-fi series last year called DARK :smiley:
This song from the last series stuck in my head, so I eventually looked it up and learned it (-ish).
I love the lyrics- the Greek myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur, interpreted psychologically.
The original is all fancy fingerstyle, which I ‘replaced’ with a couple of hammer-ons.

I usually don’t include links to the original but edited some AI imagery from ‘The Vape’ (same YT channel I borrowed my Playgiarism video from), as I thought it worked quite well.
(Definitely don’t listen to the original first!)
Hope you enjoy :smiley:


Hi Brian,
Your strength certainly lies in this way of singing :sunglasses: :clap:… while I’m typing this the original is on :scream: thats (edit: 4) hunting haunting good , which I have heard quite often, strangely enough the series doesn’t ring a single bell at all… erase it and let people look it up later :blush: or not but it is a little to much… well different :grin: and the warning did not help me from the “shock” …but it brings a smile so … what the heck I complaining … I needed this and liked it :sunglasses:

This guy have a nice (and I think very easy )alternative for a more "hunting"feeling

Hope you like this…I’m already playing it ,thanks :sunglasses:

Now I remember, this song was previously posted on the forum by others you (May 2023)… the penny has dropped…memory problems here :upside_down_face:

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Very good performance of an intriguing song - I haven’t heard the original. Your delivery, both guitar and voice, is good throughout. Sounds like a lost Nick Cave song.



This song sits solidly in the ‘Brian genre’, so you’ve done a nice job playing and singing! And it does sound quite interesting. I also queued up the mini series to watch on Netflix, thanks for highlighting the show. Krista (who is German) should enjoy the original audio, and I will read the sub-titles!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@roger_holland quick off the mark. Thank you :smiley:
I’m trying not to clog the community too much, hence not separate threads :wink:
Cool cover you shared. I’d like to hear your take.
Regarding the repeating myself issue- nothing to see here :rofl:
Move along now…

Thanks Brian, much appreciated.

Reminding someone of Mr. Cave is probably the highest compliment you could dream up.

@Mari63 Thank you so much :smiley:
I found the first two seasons more gripping than the last one, but overall well-made.
Krista German, eh? Who would’ve thought?
Give her herzliche Grüße von mir :kissing_heart:


Okay I did. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah you tell a story so well in song Brian! Great performance as usual.

Loved “Dark”: I had to have a character cheat sheet in front of me to keep track of who was who!


Thanks, Phil, means a lot :smiley:

Now why didn’t I think of that?!? :open_mouth:

Wow Brain what a superise for me to see one of my all time favorite shows in the last decade mentioned on JG. And this song is so good, I had no idea it had a name. I have called that song the ballad of Jonas And Martha since season 3. The original song is very gripping the way they used it in the show. Its very somber and the vocal creates a lot of emotion.

Dark is a fantastic show, if you are into that genre. I have had a very difficult time getting friends, family and colleagues to get interested in it. Very unfortunate. I have long felt many foreign production are far superior than US Hollywood based stuff.

What a cool idea to do the song your way, great implementation too. I have not even thought about the some of the great music in shows or movies that I have enjoyed. Your rendition and vocals is well done, what a nice treat this morning.

Thank you.

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Hi Brian.
It’s a great performance in your own style. I am very impressed, even considering that I have not watched this series (in general, I very rarely watch TV).
For some reason, it seemed to me that in this video you lack a Viking helmet on your head - especially in those moments when you sing with special expression. Bravo! :+1:

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I saw only season 1 years ago, but now might watch the rest. Or start with season 1 again having in mind characters and that cheat sheet idea Phil just discovered to us. :smiley:

I think you did great, the way you play and sing is quite recognizable. There is definitely Brian style. :smiley:

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Hi Brian,

that was quite a moody and mystic piece of music you delivered. :clap: I really like the way you took it and made it totally your own (I was not familiar with the song at all, just listened to both back to back). The way you interpreted had some story telling vibes and the dynamic changes throughout were chosen well and delivered on point. Coming to the vocals, I favour your version over the original. :smiley:

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Yes that was a very moody and haunting performance Brian. It will come as no surprise to you that I don’t know the song or the tv show.
I didn’t listen to the original artist’s version you posted, what’s the point in that? I clicked on the post to listen to your inimitable and unique style which I very much enjoy and as ever was not disappointed.

I did notice the hammer ons, which definitely added to your performance but could have been made a bit more pronounced but I realise it’s difficult to hit individual strings when strumming with your fingers. I’ll not mention guitar plectrums. :grinning:

The melody of the song reminded me a bit of MacArthur Park which I remember you did many moons ago.

Well done. Entertaining as ever my friend.

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It will come as no surprise that @sairfingers summed it up quite nicely for me :smiley: Though I will mention guitar plectrums… I recall your post about starting to learn to use a pick… how are you getting on? Overall, as usual, that was a very entertaining performance. Though when ai saw the title I was thinking it was something to do with that Bowie film from years ago.

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Cheers, Jason, and bringing a smile to someone’s day is always a bonus :smiley:

It sounds strange to this European to be referred to as foreign :rofl:
Thanks again for the listen and thumbs up :smiley:

Hey, Leo, always good to hear from you in music or comments.
Having your ‘own style’ can be a double-edged sword :laughing:
I’m always impressed at the variation in your high-end productions.
One of these days I will indeed have to acquire a Viking helmet

Good choice. Life is too short

Thank you @Boris1565 Much appreciated :smiley:
I don’t often go back to re-watch anything (apart from musical films), but must admit I was tempted when learning this song, if only to try to tie all the loose ends together (which always is impossible with time-travel films :roll_eyes: :rofl:)

Hallo @Lisa_S und vielen Dank :smiley:
Making it ‘my own’ is more out of necessity than choice :rofl:
I’m pretty sure i would play it the same as Asaf if I could.
His high-pitched voice is right on the borderline for me as to whether I like it, or can’t stand it. I suppose it does make the song sound unique :wink:

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Very cool!
I got through two first seasons of DARK.
Somehow, the third one didn’t work for me…

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Morning Gordon :smiley:

The ‘point’ is that, whilst I may not have great technical skills, my taste in music is impeccable, and I tend to share music I believe everyone should be aware of :rofl:

Interesting. I don’t tend to uses hammer-ons, and was unsure practicing whether they were too loud or frequent.
I’m puzzled by the individual strings remark, as a hammer on is only hitting the string with a fretting finger, so has nothing to do with a plectrum?
I hadn’t thought about the melody per se, but see where you’re coming from. I was more struck by the unusual phrasing (which they also have in common). Maybe that’s one reason I was drawn to it?

Cheers James :smiley:

I forgot I was going to do that :roll_eyes:
although yesterday I did dig through my pick-box looking for a 0.6 as I was messing around for the first time in ages, looking for different tones in my PodGo. I was having great fun with something called Tesselator Delay :rofl:
Never saw the film, but was that Bowie or Limahl?

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Next time you sing it, maybe try breathing in from a helium filled balloon… :wink:

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Cheers Alexey :smiley:

I know what you mean. But the song was so appropriate :laughing:

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Yes but the hammer-on is more pronounced if you hit the individual string harder when strumming.