The List of Threatening Experiences

Concept albums can be tricky to pull off, but long before I picked up the guitar I thought this would be a superb title for an album (or indeed a book) :smiley:
It’s the title of a questionnaire used in psychiatry to assess people’s risk of experiencing long-term threat based on 12 life event categories.
One song (or chapter) for each question/category.
They are, of course, all depressing, which makes for the best kind of music

Any takers?
@Digger72 ? :wink:


I’m so glad you’re not asking us to tick boxes that apply to our own lives :scream:
So I have to start writing down songs that are stuck in my head :grin:



Basically any country music song would tick most of those categories. :joy:


Not at all, I was just sharing thoughts out loud :laughing:
You never know where such musings end up…
Now that you mention it though, it could be an interesting form of community collaboration where folk volunteer to do one of the songs (either original or a cover) and slap it up in an avoyp thread.
Too much on my plate at the moment, but who knows? :thinking:

You, my friend, are an enigmatic concept album yourself :rofl:

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Sounds like a weirdly fascinating idea @brianlarsen

Such project needs an overall theme song, which I humbly submit.

Todos mis amigos están tristes (All my friends are sad)

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Well my latest original is about death :roll_eyes: but in a positive sad manner :wink: I look forward to hearing @sairfingers country song about problems with the police and a court appearance that sounds interesting.


I was wondering about this infamous @brianlarsen I keep seeing mentioned. Now I know… :laughing:

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@roger_holland I had to read that list again more carefully as was beginning to get worrid about Brian as I read item 3 as death of a partner by first degree murder and by item 11 I though oh my he’s been caught.


Well James,
You should be able to get a little more creative out of that list :blush:


Steve Goodman wrote a song that covers most of the question in one verse
Last verse of You never even call me by my name

I was drunk the day my mama got out of prison
And I went to pick her up in the rain
But before I could get to the station in the pickup truck
She got ran over by a damned old train.


Ticking every blues box there isn’t it?!


I should try my hand at songwriting then; there’s only 2 of those that I haven’t experienced at some point in my life! :scream:

Oh dear

:rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole: :rabbit2: :hole:

I have too many plates spinning at the moment and imminent family invasion for best part of five weeks but my mind is a whirl of possible lyrics.

A quick scan of the 12 items threw up a couple of dubious working titles but you can make your own assessment of which six should be assigned to the two projects.

OBTW PGA not PC or subtle

So first “The Tumour Made Me Do It” in the style of good old Rory.

And secondly, “DWP Shootout” in the style of Spruce Beerstain.

Or just a simple 12BB with oh so dark lyrics are pinging forth and a definite guideline challenger that would bypass the JGC and go straight to the toob if ever developed :imp:

Interesting topic. Are you still on the meds ? :rofl:


Well James, one that springs immediately to mind is Folsom Prison Blues. The guy must have been arrested by the police, gone to court and then sent to prison. :smiley:


If your band was called “The List of Theatening Experiences”, then if you went on tour you’d have “The List of The List of Theatening Experiences Appearances”.

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:joy: lol!

Are we making a forum album? :slight_smile:

Sure we’ve already done songs on some of those subjects, but always up for a bit of doom and gloom. :slight_smile:

Or something angry maybe…


Not yet, but who knows what the future holds… :thinking:

Haha, now why do you think you were tagged, Stephen? :rofl: