The Little Coconut Song

have a gentle listen to “The Little Coconut Song”- a tune about a little coconuts journey home

as alway thanks for listening!


Very good, Dan.
It brings out a big smile to my inner child’s face :smiley:
The grown up part of me wants to put a little lime in it :laughing:
(@DavidP, you might want to tag this as an original and remove this suggestion :wink:)

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That makes my day. Happy it did that for you!

That was a lovely couple of minutes well spent :blush: :v:

Very nice Danny, well-sung and played. I find playing finger-style and singing very hard, you did it very well with a clean sound and good rhythm. Well done.

That was really cool Daniel. Beautiful little song. Am going to play it for my kids.

Lovely song to play for one’s kids, Danny, well played and sung.

Is it an original or just a different version of the song’s lyrics?

Love it Danny :heart_eyes: Beautiful song and sweet performance, well played and sung! Bravo! It was very enjoyable to listen to.

This is really lovely. Well played and sung!

thanks for listening, glad you liked it

thanks for listening to this little tune
just keep at it, if you love it and spend the time you will get there!

eddie thanks for listening and the thought of your kids hearing it makes my day better

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that’s my original.

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thanks for listening. so happy you liked it

Thanks Danny. Quite interesting to have a few similar songs related to coconuts. I will change the Sub-category to the originals one.

Yes that’s unexpected but I guess ppl like coconuts. Thanks for categorizing. I’ve heard of the song “coconut” by Nilsson but mine is different.

Dan that was great. It really made me smile. What a great tune it was.