The "My Practice Assistant"

In the First Video ever, before the course starts, here;
Justin mentioned that he created the “My Practice Assistent” but i cant find that feature anywhere on the Site. Where ist ist?

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Thank you! I found that, but didn’t think it’s the “My Practice Assistant” … seems the Video is a bit older and shows an older Version of the website.

But i dont find out how it works :frowning:

Edit: Ok i found out :wink:

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Hi Andreas @Andreas_Fischer, welcome to the community!
If you haven’t yet, you’ll need to create an account on Justin’s site. Then when you log in, I believe you’ll be taken to the dashboard. That’s the image that Craig @moose408 posted above. Let us know if you need more clarification. And if you have a minute, stop by over here and introduce yourself!

Edit: I see that you found your answer as I was typing. :smiling_face:

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Thank you! I found out how it works, … i think :wink:
There is so much new stuff on the Website since i was there the last time (maybe 2015), … I think i will learn many new things now


This may help…