Website broken or old links

I finished the Grade 1 & 2 on the app and I am going through the website to make sure I did not miss any content and have come across some issues I will try to use this thread to track. Let me know if this is not the way to report broken links. :slight_smile:

So far I have noticed I cannot add the following songs to my practice routine:

[mod edit - issue addressed, still outstanding]

Links that point to the older forums: What's the best guitar for a beginner? |
Under Electric and Acoustic guitar point to the older forum.

[mod edit - issue addressed, FIXED]

Many of the discussion links in the lessons do not allow me to post a comment both in the Module level discussion tab and the individual lessons from Grade 1 Module1-3.

[mod edit - issue addressed, still outstanding]


Thanks for taking the time Diego.
@LievenDV @DavidP and I will monitor and either fix or report to the team.

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Another song I can’t add: Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix |

[mod edit - issue addressed, still outstanding]

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In Grade 1 Module 7, the links to songs might not be correct. Memorize Easy Songs |

Sing - kicks out to a YouTube link with no way to add the song to practice like the others
Get Happy - is a link to ukulele which is a bit confusing

Maybe this is intended? Not sure. :slight_smile:

[mod edit - issue addressed, FIXED]

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Link at the bottom to continue to next module opens in a new tab. Different behavior than the other modules. How To Use Anchor Fingers |

This happens often across Grade 1 where target should be the current window not a new tab?

[mod edit - issue addressed, still outstanding, referred to @larynejg ]

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Not a bug just consistency that navigation is a little wonky. Most modules link at the bottom of “learn more” to the next lesson which flows well but many don’t or link somewhere else which can web confusing.

Missing link to the next lesson at the bottom like the other modules:

a] One Minute Changes Exercise |

b] Bars & Strumming On 1 |

c] How To Minimize Finger Pain |

d] Super Easy 2 Chord Songs |
(also link at the bottom of super-easy just returns to the same page)

e] How To Use Justin's Song App |

f] Module 1 Practice Schedule |

I’m not going to list anymore just noting navigating the lessons can feel clunky. I think it could be easier to remove the links to force the solid nav at the top than to add them but not sure what is desired. Also at the end of a module it’s not clear how to get to the next module in a grade. Have to sort of back out or click Grade 1 to find the next module.

[mod edit - issue addressed, still outstanding, referred to @larynejg ]

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About this course text is cut off: Beginner Guitar Course [CLASSIC] |

note I’m on safari browser

[mod edit - issue addressed, still outstanding, referred to @larynejg ]

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Ah. I see the problem now. The Navigation for modules is Grade 1 → Module X → Start Module. At the Grade 1 screen you can see all modules. When you go to a module number at the bottom you see “previous” and “next” buttons. But from the “Start Module” page… there is no navigation. So maybe copy the “prev and next” buttons down into the start module page or add a “complete this module” to take you back a level?

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The links to nitsuj here Seven Nation Army |

link to a search page which feels like it should link to a specific example of nitsuj struggling or the root page of the related grade 1 module nitsuj does ie Nitsuj Module 3 - Practice 1 |

[mod edit - issue addressed, FIXED]

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On the “Learn More” of Grade 1 Module 5 intro page is " the best strumming pattern exercise you’ll ever try" supposed to link to the exercise? C Chord, Music Notes & more! |

Similar on Grade 1 Module 6 some bold lines could be hyperlinks to exercises? G Chord Hacked + 6:8 Strumming |

And 7: Consolidation Practice Tip |

Was stuck at 97% complete module 7 even after submitting feedback. The “Mark as complete” button was in a different place and wasn’t obvious at first: Grade 1 Feedback Please! |

[mod edit - issue addressed, NO FIX REQUIRED]

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Many thanks for giving such a detailed report on issues Diego.
Lots to look at and hopefully sort out.

On Chrome browser I see the ‘Add to practice items’ button to the right of the video pane. Do you not see it on yours?

I have fixed this issue. :+1:

Can I just check @dsheath … are you working through the ‘CLASSIC’ beginner course?

If yes, I need to point out that it is the older version of the entire Justin beginner course and has been replaced and superceded by the new version.
As such, it may be that broken links or issues are not top priority to fix.

The CLASSIC course: Beginner Guitar Course [CLASSIC] |

The NEW course: Beginner Guitar Course |

We did have an issue with lessons not having a working button to lead to discussion pages a while ago. I believe a fix was applied but if the issue is still there it may need looking at again by the web dev team. You say that many of them present this problem?

Fixed. :+1:

Justin has not yet done a video lesson on Ed Sheeran’s Sing, hence it had a link to a youtube video. I have removed the link to save confusion.

Justin has not done a guitar lesson for Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, only a ukulele version, so again, the link is what it is for now. I have added some text to the web page to clarify this.

It does open to a new browser tab. I’m not sure if there is a reason some do and some do not, it will have been written into the page’s code by the web dev team.

I am unsure why there is an inconsistency - some do and some do not open new tabs.
As it is not a ‘function error issue’ any searching for and making fixes to apply consistency may be very low priority.
@larynejg - something one to make a note of?

Another for @larynejg to look at?

Yes it is … although all the information needed is written below.
Becuase this page is for the old, Classic course, any fix will be very low priority or not applied at all I would think.

The Classic course remains in place for people who had started on it when the new course was released almost three years ago.
It is deliberately located in a hidden corner of the website as the intention is that anybody arriving fresh to the website should be starting on the new course and not referring back to the old, classic course.

Fixed. :+1:

I have made an edit so the link does go to the root page of the Nitsuj grade 1 lessons.
I have also done so in a way that it opens in a new browser tab - as it is not a follow on lesson but a tangential jump away from the main lesson content.

No fix required. :+1:

It’s a valid question but I am confident that the bold font simply signifies content that will be taught in the upcoming module(s) and are not meant to be links to those modules / lessons.
Justin wants students to follow lessons in order and is describing the path not creating opportunities for students to accidentally leap to a part of the path further along and thus miss out essential lessons that come first.