The Stranger - original song

hope you have a listen to this song i came up with called “The Stranger”

critique to improve it would be welcome


That was AWESOME guitar playing and really good music.

Q. Is the audio meant to sound slightly blurred and muffled?

Hi Danny,

that’s a nice tune, man! Liked the fingepicked riff a lot, that went straight through my ears into my brain and will remain there for a while. :slight_smile:

Also good dynamics in the playing and singing that fit the mood of the tune quite nicely. Liked the “percussive” end, it felt a little bit like heartbeats.

The tone was a little bit dull to me, it could be brighter for my taste. All in all, I really enjoyed the listen! Thanks for sharing this one. :slight_smile:

Hey Danny, that was great! :smiley:
Nice tune, well played, plenty of variation and dynamics. Good show!
The above-mentioned recording quality made it difficult to make out all the lyrics. Judging by some of your previous material, I think we’re missing out.
You might want to post them either here or on the YT clip :smiley:

Very nice I enjoyed it.

Pretty cool song, Danny! I hope that’s not why you’re hiding in the basement :wink:

If you have the chops (which I think you do), my brain wanted to hear a slightly different fingerpicking rhythm.

Instead of, bum—ba–da–bum—
I was listening for bum—ba-da-da–bum

Actually, I went back and listened again, and I think it’s there, just can’t always hear it? Listening on my phone.

thanks for listening waters

yes i was happy w the dynamics
only a 4 chord loop so needed that
interesting you thought of the heartbeat, the song almost went that way and i had the initial lyrics something like “my heart is beating still, still love you I will. My heart is beating slow but I won’t let you go/don’t let me go.” But then this took hold and I abandoned that.

i need to play around w the amp settings and make it better than a basement iPhone recording

your input is useful

thank soooo much
yeah lousy iPhone basement recording
i need to fix that

Wow, there is a lot going on there. Nice song even when the sound is a bit muffled and dull. Personally, I liked the changed dynamics starting at around 3:22 more than the finger picking bit. It seemed more dynamic and sounded more “alive”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Other than that the stuffed animal distracted me a bit. Is that a “Steiff” giraffe? :smiley:

Sounded great Dan. An enjoyable listen, plenty of dynamics. Bummer about the recording quality, but came across well nonetheless.

That was great Dan. Lots of dynamics with the song and I thought it was great how you played with the palm of your had so there was a percussive hit whilst still playing the chords, clever stuff.

Still great even though the audio is acting a bit weird.

Hello Dan, this is such an awesome song under so many aspects! The Dynamics catch immediately the ear all the way through! It’s way above my level for constructive critique…the only thing I feel I should say is that the song is so good that it deserves some pro recording.
Thanks a lot for sharing it! :blush:

Thanks for the listen
And yes amateur move on the sound

Thanks so much for the affirmation
And I say the level doesn’t matter
It’s the ear that knows!
I’ll have to fix the recording

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Incredible. The song doesn’t need improving.

The sound quality is not a factor. If you decide to record in a studio with sound engineer, it would be radio quality across the globe.