The Stuck 3&4 Chords

I just thought I would try dipping my fingers into Grade 2. Ouch, now my little finger hurts, and I feel like a complete beginner! This cords are hard for an old dog, and there are a lot of them, and I’m a bit confused about all the names, and sometimes multiple ways to play the same chord name. I’m sure it will come together.
What I am going to do is diagram them out on the blank paper so that I can practice between practices, and seeing the notes, with the names may help me learn them.
They do have a sweet sound though.

There are literally 1000’s of chords but you only need 8 main ones to really get going dont stress it too much!

Thanks Rob, good to know. I don’t know a lot about music. But enjoying playing!

Don’t worry about the extended part of the names just yet … simply think of A, C, D etc.

Cheers :smiley:
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What I noticed, and clearly when trying the Dadd11/F, is that my hand tends to roll under the fretboard to reach the 6th string, resulting in my middle joints being further up. Is this a bad habit that I need to try to fix right now or will this be something that will fix itself when the fingers get more and more flexible over time? (I am mindful of it and try to avoid it as much as I can at least)

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Hello @MarcoD96 and welcome to the Community.
You are not the first and you won’t be the last to find some of the finger positions for these chords a little awkward at first.
I’m struggling to picture what you mean when you describe how your hand is ‘rolling under the fretboard’.
(note - Dadd11/F# … not F).

Do you mean the palm of your hand rolls around - with your 1st finger on the 6th string?
Are you moving to this chord directly to form it for strum-pick-strum or changing to it from another chord (such as G or Em7)?

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Hey Richard, thanks for the welcome.

I guess rolling around is a better way of putting it, or maybe curving my hand upwards toward the 6th string if that makes sense. For example, in this video (for Dadd11/F#) the middle joint of Justin’s second finger is slightly below the first string, while mine is hovering over the 1st and 2nd strings.

It happens when moving to the chord directly yes, though I think it’ll also happen when switching between chords.
It doesn’t feel uncomfortable so I was just wondering if this could potentially turn into a bad habit where you use the wrist instead of the fingers to get to certain positionings.

Also, thanks for the correction on the chord name.

The rock G without the A string if muted by the finger on the low E, lift the finger that would have been on the A and the D rings out. I have the same and also with the C…

Think I might be a while on module 8…

For the big G I find my second finger on the low E is muting the A string.
My first finger on the A string ( unless I choose the rock G ) is muting the D string.

For the C add9, I find the same just one string accross.

The A7 sus4 is OK if 4 fingers used, where one finger lifted from the G string as for example shown for Wonderwall which I am trying, I find I am muting the G string.

Seems this is common.

This is unless and this is really uncomfortable, I put my thumb on the back of the neck which moves the heel of my palm near pinky finger much further from the neck so my fingers are far more vertical where they touch the fretboard. Maybe I can just move the heel of my palm as Justin’s thumb is showing in the video.

So is this what Justin is saying will develop that muscle for the barre chords that are coming soon ? With the thumb behind the neck to get extra bit of finger pressure ?

I had similar issues with normal C in grade 1. Still in my practice routine the perfect C…

Give these chords the time they need if you’re struggling @GeoffMolyneux They are important chords you will use for the rest of your life.

Cheers :smiley:

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Love learning new chords!!!

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So I just watched the video today for this lesson. When I look in the app at the chords for each song in the module, they just have the standard chord names. Example is Every Rose Has its Thorn shows G C D Em. So does that mean you can play with the standard open chords or with the stuck 3/4 chords or a combination of them? Are they truly interchangeable? I find this c easier than the open c and the c to g change siginificantly easier. Just wondering if it would make sense to play these chords instead.

For the most part I believe that they are interchangeable.
Have a slightly different sound, so may not sound right in certain songs.
Same with “Luka” I am trying this with the stuck 3,4 ( at 80 or 90% speed ). I have seen Justin say that sometimes you need a normal D. Also some of the minor chords need the open string version. I am currently working on module 8 so will leave it to more experienced people to comment further.

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What you described and asked is exactly the case - when you see C you can play open C major or stuck 3&4 C and the same for the others.
Get your ears open as sometimes, in some songs, one choice will sound better than the other.
Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

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I’m having the same exact issue. Makes the cords sound mechanical or drone like.
Wonder if you ever found an answer ?

I enjoyed this lesson and can do all the chords but struggle with the version of the em. Fingers 3 and 4 are fine but can’t quite get my first two fingers fretting my second finger wants to sit too close to the fret wire. To get it right my wrist wants to slightly twist which has given me an ache in my wrist but will rest it and practice more but it has led me to revisit the finger stretching.

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I’m a little confused about the requirement for advancing past the module for this lession.

One of the goals says “Know all the new Stuck 3&4 chords and can play 2 songs with them”

The related songs to this module doesn’t appear to feature all the Stuck 3&4 chords, only some of them. Am I supposed to find other songs on my own that use them? Am I supposed to substitute G,C,D,E,A etc with the Stuck Chords? (Some of the songs have both D and Dsus4 - so I’m really confused to how I’m suppose to practice them all. Or… is “knowing” them not the same as having played them all?

You should know how to play all the chords and know their names but you don’t have to play them all in a song to pass. In fact, some of those stuck chords are pretty obscure and you won’t find them in many songs at all. Just find 2 songs with stuck chords and learn them, even it if only has one or two stuck chords.

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In my experience, the stuck 3 & 4 G chord is by far the most useful…I use it in almost every song that has a G now.

Stuck Em in the Wish You Were Here riff is the only other one I play on a regular basis.

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Thank you for your replies.

Just to clarify, should I look for songs where the stuck chords are explicitly mentioned? Or just pick any and substitute?