The Thrill Is Gone [SOLO] by BB King Lesson

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I have to say this is an unexpected pleasure, I came here for the Rock and stayed for the blues.

This is definitely an area I want to explore a lot more.

Just started learning this solo, following Justins lesson, and consulting his tabs. Anyone else learning it had the following observation?

The tab seems to differ from the lesson in bar 6, when those ‘variable’ tone bends that Justin talks about and plays come in. ie. Justin hasnt tabbed them, and what is there appears to correspond in pitch, but not tabbed as bends. Bar 7 looks fine, then bar 8 is missing the 1/4 tone bend on the + after 1.

I realise songs can be played in all sorts of ways, even by the original artist at different times, but given this sections prominence in the solo lesson because of the repeated bends, I’m wondering why Justin plays it this way. Note that I have always assumed that all the tabs are Justin’s.

Looking at some other tabs online, and watching some of BB Kings playing, I havent seen these ‘variable’ tone bends anywhere.

Not a big deal, just curious.

Cheers, Shane

None of the tabs are Justins. They come from a third party that holds the copyrights that’s why you have to pay for the tabs. Same as the songs in the app. It’s not Justins fault, because he is such a popular teacher the copyright holders watch him like a hawk and want their cut of his success. It all started in 2010 when Justin had to take all is hand written tabs off the website or get sued but the publishing companies.
@Richard_close2u you can delete this post if it inappropriate

You can find Justin’s tab in his Blues Solo book.

I wasn’t able to find any other youtube teacher playing bar 6 the way Justin does. I was grateful, all the other approaches I found for bar 6 are much easier than Justin’s. I’ll probably try Justin’s bar 6 when I am much better.


I"m not blaming Justin mate. It’s just a query on the variation.
I"m aware the music is licensed, is obviously not Justin’s, and requires a fee for use. I assumed the actual tabs however, were Justin’s work. A reasonable assumption I think, not inappropriate.
Enough said. All good.

Cheers, Shane

Is everything good - no need to alert the team?